My writing – the state of play.

Right now I am in a bit of a flux as I desperately try to catch up with myself.

I have five projects done and dusted – awaiting publication.

I have two that I am presently trying to complete

Finished Projects:

Ruminating on Roy Harper – I completed this book a year ago. It is presently with publishers awaiting acceptance. Roy has said that he will write a forward for it. I am presently waiting for that.

The Wilderness Years – my book on Nick Harper. I completed this last year. This is presently still with the designer waiting for the layout so that it can be properly published.

Zero to Infinity – My first Sci-Fi novel written in the 70s. I have typed it up from old typed manuscripts. I feel nostalgic about it even though it is not one of my best. I will publish it. I need to find time to re-edit it for the third time (following a suitable period of time to gain objectivity) and then I will publish it for myself to have a copy.

Poems for Hard times – another anthology of poems – my eighth. I completed this on my trip. I now have to find the time to actually design the cover and publish it.

Reality Dreams pt. 1 – My first book. A crazy sixties mish-mash of stories, poems and cartoons. I thought it was groundbreaking. Looking back it was probably just a typical product of its time – chaotic, flawed and stream of consciousness. About all I could manage back then. I have typed it up from the original manuscript. I now need to reread and check nothing more needs doing and I will publish it for myself. I have pt. 2 as a type-written document that I would like to get round to addressing in the near future.

While on my travels I have written first drafts of two novels:

Bodies in a Window – a novel which revolves around my father’s death. I thought of doing this back in 1981. It has taken me all this time to work out how.I have written the first draft and edited half of it. I have to complete that edit to produce the second draft. Then I will let it sit and review it before a (hopefully) final edit. I was really pleased with the way this came out though some of the sex is a bit raw and probably needs toning down.

Gordion Not – A Sci-Fi novel that has been in my head for decades. I was going to call it Human Zoo. I am just completing the first draft and should complete that this weekend. I will then do an edit to create a second draft while it is still fresh in my mind. Then I will let it sit in order to gain objectivity before doing a third edit. I am currently really pleased with this. It flowed out easily on to the screen and though I am at the very end it is still flowing.

If anybody would like to volunteer to be a reader and offer objective views on how to complete these projects I would be grateful for the help.

If anybody wishes to purchase any of my books you might try clicking on the links below or accessing Opher Goodwin on your local Amazon. All my books are up there.

To Purchase my books

If you wish to purchase any of my books you can do so by clicking on the links below (Click on the picture). That should take you to the place on Amazon where my books currently reside.  I have noticed that sometimes this all plays up! You can go directly to Opher Goodwin at Amazon where they are all listed which might be less hassle. I have both kindle and paperback versions available.

If you wish to find out more about the books prior to purchase please go to the relevant book in ‘my books’. Descriptions of most of them are there.

Here’s a link to my page on Amazon UK:

Thank you for purchasing my books! I hope you get immense pleasure out of them!


1. A passion for Education – A Headteacher’s story

The Environment

1. Anthropocene Apocalypse

Books on Rock Music:

1. ‘In search of Captain Beefheart’ –

Paper back version with black & white photos:

Kindle version:

Paperback version:


2.The Times and Tales of a Sixties Freak

Kindle and Paperback:

3. 537 Essential Rock Albums pt. 1 – The first 270


Antitheist writing

1. The Antitheist’s Dictionary

Kindle & Paperback

2. The Antitheist’s Bible


1. Reflections from a Ditch

Kindle & Paperback

2. Goofin’ with the Cosmic Freaks

Kindle & Paperback – Kerouac meets the sixties

3. The Book of Ginny

Kindle & Paperback


Science Fiction

1. Green

Kindle & Paperback versions:


To buy Green, paper back version Click here

2. Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar

Kindle version:

Paperback version:


3. Nosedive:

Kindle & Paperback versions:


4. Pornographic Syndromes

Kindle & Paperback


5. Hallucination

Kindle & Paperback

More will be with us shortly!

6 thoughts on “My writing – the state of play.

    1. Luck plays it’s part but, in my experience, only after all the sweat and tears have played theirs. You never achieve anything without trying.

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