Randy Newman – Political Science – lyrics in light hearted jest about a nightmare scenario – let’s drop the big one!

Never more pertinent than right now. You can almost hear Trump saying this!


Opher's World

I’ve like most of my life under the shadow of MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction. There were at least seven nuclear warheads aimed just at me! That’s enough to make a man paranoid. I’m not even that dangerous!

For most of my life Britain has acted like an aircraft carrier for the USA. In the worst case scenario – a nuclear conflict with Russia – Europe was expendable. Russia and America had hopes of containing the exchange.

Now, although MAD still exists, we have the threats of nuclear blasts from mad indoctrinated Jihadists who believe they would be going to the make-believe fairy-tale of paradise. We have the threat of genetically modified viruses that could unleash the sort of plagues that ravaged the Dark Ages. We have chemical weapons of mass destruction. And Human Beings have proved through history that they are prepared to use them.

Don’t worry. Randy has…

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