Randy Newman – God’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind) – extremely amusing lyrics about the absurdities of worship.

One of Randy’s gems!

Opher's World

I’m always amazed when I travel round the world at the innocence and naivety of people. In the greatest slums, with the most deprivation, disease, poverty and death you always find the greatest piety.

If prayer, worship and sacrifice made a difference places like India and Bali would be bastions of wealth and happiness. No-one spends more time and energy in worship.

There are lots of assumptions made about a benevolent, caring god. I don’t believe there is on. I think it has all come from the imagination of mankind. But if there was the writings of the Holy books show ‘him’ to be capricious, vicious, uncaring and hypocritical.

Randy put his finger on it.

This is amusing and yet serious. It is on the edge of mocking! The God he describes is straight out of the Holy books.

We create God out of our own desperation.

“God’s Song (That’s…

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