Rock album Recommendations – James Varda – Hunger

A great album

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537 Essential Rock Albums coverThis was number 39 on my essential albums list.

James Varda – Hunger
James was championed by Roy Harper and I was fortunate to catch this incredibly original singer/songwriter supporting Roy on one of his eighties tours. He seemed a little self-conscious but his playing was brilliant and the songs very different and interesting. I love lyrics that are complex and thought-provoking.

Hunger was recorded for Andy Ware’s Awareness label and has not been heard by a lot of people. This is a great shame because it is a set of intelligent, thoughtful and distinctive songs delivered in an entirely original manner. The production is excellent and does justice to James’ songs.

‘Just a beginning’ is a brilliant start to the album. It sets the tone. You know this is going to be one of those great experiences. ‘Whatever you’ve got I don’t want it’ James snarls. You get the…

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