James Varda – May this moment ever glow – poetry of life, change and beauty in the moment. This is most aptly my 600th post.

A brilliantly poignant song.

Opher's World

James Varda

A life is made up of a long necklace of moments. The art of it is to make every one of those beads as perfect as we can make them, to appreciate them fully and live them to the full. Even the worst of days are precious, the mundane boredom, the pain, the grief are all life.

We have this one life and all its moments are magic.

James has produced poetry and music that does justice to those moments. Chance and Time lays out the preciousness of life and love in stark relief to the prospect of its limits.

The album is in itself a gift. We should make of it what we can for life is fleeting.

May This Moment Ever Glow

A bright moon in a May sky

And the air hung with lilac

From a chimney pot

A blackbird sings 

The last song of twilight


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