The true, correct story of what happened at Donald Trump’s inauguration – The Washington Post

You have to read this – it is wonderful!! I’ve haven’t laughed so much for years!


This is the true story that has been hidden for so long.

Source: The true, correct story of what happened at Donald Trump’s inauguration – The Washington Post

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47 thoughts on “The true, correct story of what happened at Donald Trump’s inauguration – The Washington Post

      1. This is total shit.
        There’s a hint near the beginning and it dies the death.
        It’s a miserable attempt. It’s a pig’s ear. Sometimes sarcasm doesn’t work in print. This is another of these occasions.

      2. Opher, if there’s one thing in this world that you will forever be completely clueless about, that is humour.
        You do know that I used to write for Frankie Boyle now and again.
        You’re too Morecombe & Wise type comedy, real old school.
        You’d hate my stuff as it’s far too cutting, way too offensive and downright objectionable to conservatives.
        Boyle couldn’t use one of my best ones for his TV show, as it was just too outrageous. It was about the McCann’s, the couple who lost their child in Portugal. He loved it though. He was crying laughing. We both were and I had written it.

      3. God Andrew – you’re so cutting edge and down with the kids. It’s a shame that I haven’t detected anything remotely resembling humour in the dry diatribe of distorted facts you dish out, the stream of expletives or constant boring carping. Now you’re Frankie Boyles scriptwriter! So Trainspotting 2 is down to you is it?

      4. Read what I actually said.
        Did I say script writer? I wrote jokes for him. Always topical jokes or stuff that’s in his orbit and he can use or maybe improve.
        Him and a couple of other lesser mortals.
        All of these people have a number of people writing for them.

        How could you determine any humour when you’re still back in the 6th year common room? Just a tad old fashioned judging by the above topic.

      5. That’s because you hail from the Slap-Stick era, way back in black and white.
        On another post I gave you a short precise of what I thought of left-winger’s, but it flew over your head.
        You were completely oblivious to it. Again.

      6. Not oblivious – I just treat it with the disdain it deserves. I’m not an extreme left-winger and find those people totally stupid. They are on a par with extreme right-wingers – fanatical. I’m an idealist who wants a fairer and more just world.
        You mouth off all the time, pigeon-hole and pontificate without any foundation.
        You defend the indefensible – like Trump – and are so set in your views that you accept all his bullshit without question and attack me for pointing out he’s a fascist.
        You talk to me as if I’m an idiot and take no notice of what I’m saying. Clinton was far from perfect, I know, I’ve said all along, but Trump is a catastrophe.

      7. Can’t you ever stick to the point?
        Cant’ you ever get the point?
        Can’t you ever take the point?
        What is your point?

      8. Well it won’t be you and your biased selected ‘facts’ that’s for sure. I work on a different basis to that. Most of your views I consider misinformation as much as you do mine.

      9. Like I always say – check them out for yourself. It’s all there.
        What I don’t do is what you do. Wait for the BBC to tell me.
        That wouldn’t be the smartest move. But it works for the masses.
        You don’t ‘work’ on anything Opher. You just leap towards the next news item like a puppy dog at it’s toy.
        You haven’t even grasped the foundation of a point in question before shouting about it.

        Wasn’t it you who just said that no pipelines were anywhere near completion.
        Yet the first one, called Dakota Access is 90% completed.
        So where is it you get your information from again?
        Are you still reliant on these Chinese fortune cookies?

      10. Still a lot of pipework on the Dakota and what about the Keystone proposal?
        My view is that is is environmentally unsound!
        When it comes to news and views you seem to want to listen to shock-jocks rather than serious news. I don’t think you are credible at all. You select the facts to suit your stance and conveniently ignore everything else. Anyone can do that.
        In reality all things are grey not black and white.
        Trump and Brexit are both disasters of far greater magnitude than the other options on the table. Clinton and the EU have many, many faults – but the lesser of two evils is obvious and glares. We are living in the mess created.
        If we hadn’t have voted Brexit we would be much better off now and in a far better place. The arrival of Trump is an unmitigated disaster for the environment and workers rights. Both are a big step back for a more caring cosmopolitan society. Both of these you’ve promoted. I think your judgement is highly suspect.

      11. Aren’t you a little late in the day to be wanting to discuss pipelines?
        It was put forth to you a good while back and you completely ignored it. You ignored it simply because back then it wasn’t on your news item agenda.
        The Dakota was around 87% near completion back in November, which was when I first mentioned it.
        So, yes, that ‘lot of work’ will be the remaining few per cent.

        The Keystone which is massive and runs from Alberta to Texas is already very much up and running and has been since 2010.
        What you are referring to is called XL or phase 4.
        I don’t know why exactly Obama cancelled phase 4, nor do I know why Trump needs to implement it and I won’t pretend I do.

        I don’t actually go near shock Jock anything. I can’t stand these things. But in many respects, albeit on the written page, you yourself are not too far behind some of them.
        Most of them are extremists to a point and also lack a grounded and analytical approach to the question as a whole. I much prefer to be looking at the entire question rather than focus on details that fit within the scope of political dogma. And because I don’t hold any political persuasion that isn’t really a problem for me and allows for more objectivity.

        As for credibility, wasn’t it yourself who was completely switched off from so many factors and that you’ve only just recently woken up to that reality.
        I told you that you needed to look further than the end of your nose to get more plausible information. That is real information without an agenda.
        Perhaps you’ve managed to engage yourself with at least a toe in the water there.
        Quite how you can make such ill-judged comments that you don’t think I’m creditable – seriously, given the populist vacuous crap that you bought into and how many times did I give you pointers to a different perspective? Too many.
        It’s actually laughable that you think you get away with pulling such tosh with me.
        I know that up until recently you were a clueless twat who liberally drank from the cup of the BBC. I know that and you know that and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

        I’m not too sure that you have a particularly acute understanding of what is grey or what is black and white.
        How the hell could you have, given that you harbour such extremist views on a number of subjects. In so many cases you’ve lost sight of the whole wood because of a few trees.
        I certainly think that Brexit was the only option.
        We tried that leftist failed socialist experiment for way too damn long and the time was right to get out.
        It might have worked out better and for longer if the loony left hadn’t attracted such large numbers of undesirable ‘gimme somethings’ who piled into UK in their droves with fuck all intention of ever giving anything back and whose sole intention was to get what they could for free and quickly too.
        We were all on a loser with these people and they effectively stole from the coffers of the schools and hospitals. The loony left corrupted the very system that ultimately brought about the demise of the left. Strange that, innit?

        I’ve yet to see an iota of evidence on all this terrible stuff that Trump is supposed to be responsible for. But I suppose if you were to stand under the sword of Damocles for long enough, eventually you might get a hit. The proof is some way off as yet and a tad too early to be making any assassination judgments, at least from my perspective at least.

        There’s no good acid test for a more caring cosmopolitan society. It’s quite obviously a life time away from when you last ever touched based with such for any length of time.
        Plus the fact the population explosion has just about quadrupled in these decades.
        Most of us know only too well that all this so-called cosmopolitanism equals is a whole bunch of little isolated enclaves. There’s no such thing as a working method. It doesn’t work and has failed time and time again. The very idea stems from failed leftist early 20th century ideology that sure as eggs is eggs hasn’t a ghost of a chance of working now. Anybody who walks around the UK in 2017 and talks in terms of cosmopolitanism is somewhat deluded. We tried, it failed, let’s move on.
        But you’re dead right. We are living in the mess created by the loony hard left and their liberal entourage. Had they not opened the flood gates and thrown money and benefits at every immigrant that peaked above the parapet we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today. But there again Germany’s choice of action wouldn’t necessarily be anybody else’s and I think they must carry the can for a great deal of stupidity and causing such deep seated unrest throughout the EU.
        There are many factors Opher, realised by a simple yes or no tick box.
        My reasons for Brexit are based on world business potential.
        We can do better and will do better. Some of the orders coming in from new territories are extremely encouraging.

        As for you last comment, quote: “I think your judgement is highly suspect”. This coming from a guy who spent nearly fucking 40 years of his life walking through the same front door every morning, hanging on for dear life waiting for dead man’s shoes positions to come around.
        Never lived in the EU.
        Never did business in the EU.
        Never had business in the EU.
        Seriously Opher, is there anything about that statement that you might want to change?
        What exactly are you EU qualifications?
        I could lose you in an EU quagmire of tangled bullshit in a moment’s notice and you won’t know where to start.
        You could not justify any of it for want of trying.

      12. Ha ha. I had to laugh. The most revealing thing about all that is that you dare to say you haven’t got any political allegiance. You’re more right-wing than Himmler. If there is an extreme right-wing position to adopt you’re right there with the adoption papers.
        Your vast experience living and doing business with the EU makes you an expert?
        My daughter’s worked there for years, has kids in school there and done business there. Does that make her an expert?

      13. Yeah, right Opher. I think it maybe best for you to stop the accusatory Nazi stupidity right away.
        Because I’ll tell you something for nothing, you rotten half-dead piece of leftist shit, you’re either mentally retarded or something, but I’ve told you before what sacrifices my family made in WW2 and for you to ever mention that Cunt’s name in the same sentence as anything relevant to me is an insult with far deeper connotations than I think you will ever realise.
        That is until the day it meets you face to face. Trust me, on that, you would not be quite so willing to be making any repeat of such willful loose-lipped and foolish conjecture.
        Let that be a warning to you. A last written warning.
        One the one hand I’m being chastised by you because I’m not sitting wringing my hands in grief over you daft old friend’s worries because they pale into total insignificance in relation to my own family’s story.
        You are such a stupid dumb brainless hypocritical wanker at times.

        Didn’t you say you daughter lived in Holland?
        Holland is hardly the depths of the EU is it?
        Didn’t you say she worked at something.
        But she never actually had her own business right?
        And what about her?
        As for expert, I don’t know. Not if she just lived there as per normal. It’s not exactly difficult to live in Holland.
        It’s probably the easiest country in the EU for any British person to live as they all speak English.
        We’re talking about your EU credentials of which you have NONE.
        I had a my own business in EU. I’ve got nothing more to prove in that respect. I put my money where my mouth is.
        You probably wouldn’t have been able as there were too many details to look out for.

      14. If your family experience is as you state then I would expect a more liberal view on matters and not such a daft right-wing approach to everything. It’s time you stopped tarring me with this silly left-wing brush. I am a Labour supporter – not far-left. I want justice and equality – not the cut-throat elitism you aspire to. Fairness is what I’m about.
        Having another hissy fit doesn’t impress me one bit.
        You come on my blog throwing your weight around like a bully-boy.
        If you don’t want to be seen as right-wing then don’t side yourself with fascists.
        So we have new rules now – Holland isn’t part of Europe. My daughter now speaks Chinese and Dutch. She worked in both places and I can assure you they do not all speak English. So much for your definitive knowledge. You make gross assumptions all the time and they are all usually wide of the mark.
        Your desire to undermine and belittle is laughable. What motivates you? Is there a problem?

      15. There’s one thing having an opinion.
        However, it is a completely different matter when one makes challenging and outrageous judgmental allegations and proclamations of support to and likeness to Nazis and Nazism.
        That it a very stupid and ignorant action to commit. But not too surprising if coming from a half-educated ignoramus.

        Your leftist shite is a pitiful desperate last bastion stage of existence that you fucking people insist on bringing into this world and spreading like a disease.
        You possess the lowest level of living standards and life aspirations. Whilst in some dreadful regimes in this world it may very well have been an advantageous improvement by definitely not in the UK today 2017.
        Show me one Socialist state where Socialism has been successful. There aren’t any. And anywhere it has been tried has been a terrible disaster.
        I really detest leftist socialism no matter what guise it is in.

        As for your daughter. Do you have to bore me to death about some peculiar woman who looks like she’s built like a brick shit-house and likes to spend her life playing dyke-rugby with other such peculiar women.
        I really don’t think I could think of anything quite as uncool for any woman to do with herself. It could not possibly get any less attractive. If any woman told me they played rugby, I’d be off like a rat up a pipe. Downright fucking weird is how I could best describe it. That certainly isn’t any kind of wide of the mark gross assumption either. It is wholly accurate.

        I would very much doubt that she would be able to speak very much “Chinese” – you would be best served to know that it will probably be Mandarin. She would have had to have lived there doing intensive learning for quite a considerable time.
        I really don’t think I ever suggested Holland wasn’t a part of the EU, as you said, quote: “So we have new rules now – Holland isn’t part of Europe>” – I have no idea what you are on about here.
        As for Holland, it has the highest proportion of people in one particular European country that speak English.
        Personally I have never met any Dutch person who cannot speak English – but then I wouldn’t, would I?
        They would have to speak English in my field of work were they anywhere but based in Holland.
        Put it this way the vast majority do speak English – by a long way.
        So whatever stupid point you were trying to make just isn’t worth a toss.

        I know enough language from a number of languages, enough to get me what I want, but I wouldn’t be running about proclaiming that I ‘speak’ these languages. I met loads of people who say they speak a language and it turns out they can just about order a taxi. So I never put too much credo towards such conjecture.

      16. You’ve got one repulsive sewer of a mouth. I suppose it’s connected to a brain somewhere. You disgust me at times Andrew.
        If it’s not alcohol it’s a nasty drug that’s warped your manners. I hope Anna is reading what a gentleman you are – sexist and racist – Wow!! You are impressive – impressively sad that is.

      17. What racism?
        I simply corrected you on the probability that any “Chinese” being spoken was highly likely to be Mandarin.
        Therefore, if there are any “racist” connotations to be found they would be your loose and lazy and inaccurate term for the language. That was quite disrespectful.
        Therefore, technically it was YOU who was acting the racist.

        What sexism?
        So you think because I find the notion of women barging around playing rugby to be exceedingly unattractive that constitutes sexism? I really don’t think so. All it is is what I said it is, unattractive.
        There again some guys get off watching women’s mud wrestling. That doesn’t do anything for me either.
        Sexism would be to not allow these women to barge around playing rugby. Whilst it may well be a good idea, I did not ever state that.

  1. You don’t like not being in Europe Opher, you object to people placing their Votes and winning so much so you want those votes overturned to suit you and all the other self individuals. 42 years ago we entered the Common Market and those that did not vote for it put up and shut up, why don’t you and all the others do the same or go and live in Germany/France/Spain/Italy to name a few. If it is so bad here and is going to get worse, according to you, just leave, please just go.

    1. It is not about silly things like ‘winning’ Anna.
      The vote was taken and it is a disaster. It will cost us a fortune, alter the nature of the country and change our rights considerably. On top of that it will not solve the problems of terrorism or immigration. I do not like one bit what it is doing to our country.
      I do not like the way it turned out one little bit but I accept we are getting out. That was the stupid vote. The question is how we get out. That has not been discussed or decided and nobody has a mandate to decide that. This bunch of extremists who make up the present unelected government certainly haven’t. The referendum vote did not address it.
      I want a deal that is the best of a very bad deal; that creates as little economic damage and promotes a cosmopolitan, outward looking society.
      I accept that a huge amount of damage has already been done. It is now about protecting legislation for the environment, protecting human rights, workers rights and EU cooperation for science, antiterrorism, pollution, crime and the rest of it.
      This is my country as much as yours and I am quite happy to stay here and fight for what is right.

      1. It’s a damned pity that you didn’t fight for what was wrong a few years ago when that bloody Labour party opened the flood gates and threw billions of badly needed pounds at any immigrant that turned up at the door.
        As for ‘cosmopolitan’, how the fuck can you say that with a straight face when you lived in the back of beyond for 40 years?
        What would you know about living in an inner city zone that is swamped with immigrants, stuffed into rotten standards of overcrowded accommodation.
        You bleat on like a broken record.

        You left-wing liberal arseholes all need shooting.
        You caused it but refuse to help clean it up.

      2. Your racism is pitiful.
        There has been too much migration into the country. That is beyond doubt. But I haven’t seen the Tories dealing with it. All rhetoric and no action. The truth is that it is good for the economy which is why they pay lip-service to it. The Tories have a vested interest. It increases profits for their chums – cheap labour!
        All this childish blame it on the left doesn’t wash with me.

      3. Opher, wake up. You are 67 years old. You still don’t understand what Racism is!
        You are ignorant and semi-educated and it shows.
        But why don’t you know what Racism is?
        We discussed it only yesterday. You cannot possibly have forgotten what the meaning of the word is.

        I bet you or your wife did one of the following things recently.
        Before you moved into your latest place, one of you did a recky on the neighbours. One of you checked out who they were, where they were from and how many of them there were. Had you discovered that next door were 13 Pakistanis with the statutory grandmother and 10 children, you may very well have avoided that place like the plague.
        I know exactly how you leftish liberal people operate. The hypocrisy shines through like a shiny pin and such hypocrisy is almost collected like that of a Magpie.
        Were you truly leftish as opposed to this bullshit fake stuff that people like you waste their time pretending to be, you’d have not blinked twice at the thought of moving into a housing scheme to be with that of your own kind. Your own kind of people with the same aspirations and the same political beliefs.
        But hell no, because hypocrites like yourself always have to stay abreast of the stinking masses, the great unwashed, because the truth of the matter is that you always did have aspirations of being middle-class and nothing’s going to stop that now.
        Whereas, some of us are just born into it and it has got nothing to do with any political persuasion and never had.

      4. Your imagination runs riot and it’s a sewer.
        First time we met our neighbours was after we moved in. I’ve no problem with living next door to any nationality or race. And you say that you’re not racist. Read what you write.

      5. I was actually as you eventually realised, describing you Opher, as opposed to myself.
        Furthermore, I suggested that you’d done a recky before moving in as opposed to a meet and greet with the new neighbours.
        Had there been 13 Pakistani’s you’d have looked elsewhere.
        That’s the truth, isn’t it?
        But there’s no way you’d ever be honest here.
        I smell bullshit.

      6. Well you certainly should smell bullshit – you speak it all the time so you must be covered in it. You should be able to smell alcohol fumes too. I hope you don’t go too near naked flames.
        I’ve lived in plenty of cities with a range of races, never next door to 13 Pakistanis but that wouldn’t put me off. With my sensibilities about climate and overpopulation the size of the family would be a concern!

      7. Opher, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are 24 hours in a day. The exact time of day makes not a fucking jot of difference to me. Just because you’re tucked up at midnight like a living corpse, isn’t my idea of living. I do what the fuck I like, when I like and have done so ever since I left my mother’s apron strings.
        I realise there’s a massive quantity of half-dead jerks like you pretending they’re alive, but lets not kid ourselves. Nobody ever sees people your age out and about very much these days. If so, it’s theatre and straight home, cinema and straight home. Etc. The walking dead.

        Nothing will change my mind on women’s ‘touch’ rugby.
        There’s a rugby pitch complex across from where I live and I sometimes see them at it when passing.
        I’ve never personally been particularly drawn to watching big, burly, bulky, heifer- built women throw themselves about against other such women. I don’t find it a particularly attractive sight. Call me old fashioned.

      8. No I don’t bother calling you old-fashioned – just alcohol soused, blinkered, arrogant and obnoxious. Nothing old-fashioned about it. Rudeness is as much a modern phenomenon as one from the past.
        You are entertaining though. How old are you? How ill? I don’t exactly see you cutting the mustard with the young kids. Your insults are risible. Your judgement appalling. But you’re right – nothing will change your mind on anything – even the evidence of a fascist tyrant and his Nazi policies.

      9. Dream on.
        Just because you have a daughter with peculiar tendencies, you cannot possibly expect the vast majority to join in with you celebrating her every being. That isn’t a given, Opher, and you should realise that.
        I’m sorry but that’s the truth of the matter.
        I would hardly describe Ruth Davidson as ‘exceedingly fit and attractive’. She’s a butch lesbian heifer.
        Maybe you are attracted to that sort?
        Different strokes for different folks…

        People can do what they like. I never put anybody down for doing what they like. But when they stick it in my face asking why don’t you like it, then I might have something to say about it. There’s the difference.
        That’s why I don’t have any homosexual friends. That’s why my friends don’t have any homosexual friends.
        That’s the way it goes. People have a choice but sometimes the choices they make or the choices they engage in have limitations. I realise that as much as I’m sure they do, too.

        What else of the world’s faults do you want to pin on me?
        The list of ISM’s and IC’s is exactly as I described a couple of days ago. I could do you by numbers. You are so predictable and mediocre. But that’s what left-wing liberals are – predictable with their mediocrity.
        This is your problem through and through. Everytime after you’ve said your tuppenceworth about anything – and quite often that would be without actually having any knowledge of the subject, such as the US pipelines topic that you’ve only just discovered since yesterday – you sort of dry up with any further discussion and for some reason resort to throwing insults, such as ‘you’d have liked the Nazi’s’ or other such ludicrous crap.

        It’s like the joke question – ‘Does anybody know the term used for people that don’t like to accept or use facts?
        I know that in America they’re called Democrats.

      10. Sorry – Saturday – been off with friends. They find your stuff really hilarious – at least half of them do. The other half are appalled. The main problem from my point of view is that it has a tendency to reinforce their stereotypical view of the Scots. As a person who is part Scottish I don’t really like that.
        The strange thing is that a while ago you were castigating me for putting what you claimed was a stereotype of a Glaswegian family into my book. They were bad. But it wasn’t a stereotype at all. It was a straight description. The irony is that you are, in real time, reinforcing all their prejudices.
        But no – I don’t find Ruth Davidson at all attractive personally. I wouldn’t be rude about her though. What she looks like or gets up to is her business. In terms of being a politician she is very articulate and pretty good, even though I don’t agree with her politics. The sad thing is that this seems to be the erroneous and rather stupid stereotype you have of women who play rugby. That is not only sad but positively archaic. You’re stuck in a time-warp of sexist misogyny.
        The good news is that all your rants and deluded obnoxiousness is just what I need. It’s been invaluable. I couldn’t have created such a character without you.
        Anyway – off to bed – writing to be done tomorrow.

      11. I really don’t think you understand, do you?
        We actually don’t give a flying fuck what any English cunt thinks. We really don’t.
        What your friends really need to have a good look at is the state of their own people. It would appear that they have produced an entire generation of preening prats whose sole mission statement in life is to adorn themselves with as many tattoos that can fit with the final result of looking like a 16th century south American warrior of sorts.
        We’ve got a whole load of them here at the Uni’s. They look quite hard until they open their mouths and out comes this high-pitched wimpy wee voice with the most appalling accent. You can see people cringing and shaking their heads when overhearing them. I think they’re embarrassed for them, too. Did nobody ever think to teach these cunts how to speak properly? If it wasn’t quite so tragic it would be funny.

        Whatever stereotypical view you may harbour of Scots people is that of your own stupidity and simply highlights the level of your mentality. Nothing more can be said on that.
        For a complete southern Jessie wee cunt like you to be making any claims of being part-Scots is laughable. Fuck off with you.

        And again your chicken sieve memory has let you down.
        That bloody awful book of yours. Please do the world a favour and let it die.
        However, what I did have to tell you was that these scummy people that you claimed were Scots were not Scots. They were Irish immigrants. There is a huge difference and only somebody from Glasgow would be able to recognise and fully understand that issue. You had fuck all knowledge of the history and growth of Glasgow. You had fuck all knowledge as to which sector of the population lived in which areas and the reasons appertaining to that. You had fuck all knowledge as to which sector of the population in particular populated what was known as the Gorbals area of Glasgow. I’ll remind you, they were the Irish immigrants and only the Irish immigrants. This is where they were stationed to live – there were no alternatives, no plan B, they either lumped it or left.
        So I’ll repeat myself, the story background provided by you for your terrible book was utter bullshit and false. It was completely devoid of any factual basis and any would be reader would be best served to wipe their arse with it.

        You may not find Ruth Davidson attractive. I can understand that. Perhaps you could extend your understanding to include the fact that there are others who are not attracted to any such woman that as a leisure pursuit have chosen to play rugby. Basically you cannot expect to foist the chosen pursuits of your daughter onto anybody else. That’s her business and let it remain so. But there again, she’s built for it isn’t she? I’ll give her that.
        It has nothing to do with sexist misogyny at all.
        I just don’t like the look of big, butch, burly women charging around. I find it stomach churning.

      12. Pointless trading insults with you Andrew. You are so narrow-minded it’s a waste of time.
        Nice language. Stupid ideas – inflated ego.
        One more day amnd the blog goes dormant!

      13. One thing is for certain – when you need to be given a little education on any given subject matter, do not consider this as ‘trading insults’.
        Firstly, you have nothing to trade with.
        Secondly, you desperately needed the educational.

      14. Why thank you Andrew. I shall miss our little chats. I’ve learnt such a lot.
        One suggestion – if I were you I would move to a less stressful place. You are obviously stressed out of your mind which is fuelling your paranoia and hatred. I would also suggest cutting down on the drink it brings out the worst in people.

    2. You inhabit a strange universe where sexist and racist comments emanating from yourself, all be it late in the evening when obviously hammered, don’t count. I’ll remind you of one example – As for your daughter. Do you have to bore me to death about some peculiar woman who looks like she’s built like a brick shit-house and likes to spend her life playing dyke-rugby with other such peculiar women. – Typical stereotypical nonsense that not only shows great disrespect, complete ignorance and stupidity, but is utterly incorrect. Touch Rugby is played by a number of exceedingly fit and attractive young ladies. But what the hell. You are just playing your silly games and it is the chemicals talking. Being civilised is hardly your forte.
      Sexism is putting people down for doing the same as men. The stereotypical crap thrown at them to discourage and stop them doing it. Guilty!! Yes. Many statements you make are both sexist, misogynistic and racist.

      1. I am absolutely certain that you have indeed learned a lot.
        For a start into looking further than the end of your nose for better quality information.
        That you should use the tools that are right in front of you.

        Secondly, that everything isn’t quite as black and white as you had perhaps first assumed.

        Thirdly, that not always are your political beliefs the answer or the be all and end all. Perhaps there is also some degree of realisation that many of them maybe very much outdated and belong to an era long gone and distant.

        And lastly, that you yourself can also be a bit of cunt when he wants to be. A fully paid up member.

      2. I’m flabbergasted. Nobody is more blinkered and black and white than you Andrew. You wear blinkers and home in on every right-wing stat you can find. Always the loser who resorts to rudeness.
        From you I have learnt lots – mainly that swearing makes you look thick.

  2. You’re all too easily badly shaken. After all you’re the person who today is filling the gap left by Mary Whitehouse. You have taken on that roll in policing everybody’s political beliefs and thoughts.
    I sit in the middle just gawping in disbelief at your strangled, fragile, twisted, dangerous, little mind at work.
    I don’t think you have yet to fully realise that.
    I have crucified you on too numerous occasions now to even begin to count on a whole number of matters whereby your sole defense was based on your belief. A belief that was completely devoid of any factual backup and therefore, by virtue wasn’t worth a bleedin’ toss.

    It’s such scurrying little pesky left-wing retards like yourself that entices people like me to engage in a level of language more suitable and familiar to people such as yourself.
    It really isn’t particularly easy but it seems to have had the desired effect.

    As for ‘thick’. I do believe it was my good self who had to give you a lesson or two on the correct usage of grammar and punctuation, wasn’t it?
    Or have you forgotten that, too?

    1. I believe you did some editing Andrew – and good it was too. Editing is not a lesson in grammar and punctuation. There is not a writer who does not need some objective editing. Don’t get above yourself.
      I suggest you have a look at the long list of reprehensible shit that is coming out of Trump. That is what you are actively supporting and getting shitty with me about. The man is a tyrant and a danger to the world. All the protest is because of the stupid and shitty things he is doing. Supporting someone like that is beyond all intelligence. Perhaps you need to take a long hard look at what he is doing and what you are doing? And you accuse me of being a cretin. Ha ha.

      1. You’re a liar and a toad. I had to make corrections to a multitude of your errors with punctuation and grammar. You hadn’t a bloody clue as to when or how to use a comma, semi-colon or colon correctly, did you?
        I’m certain that I could prove that.
        As for sentence structure ability, dear oh dear, how the hell did you ever get a job that had anything to do with education?
        Goodness knows what the authorities at the receiving end of any reports that you may have written had thought?

        Basically Opher, you would not pass an English O-level.
        You would not get anywhere near an A-level paper.

        For you to turn around and say “don’t get above yourself” indicates that you are a reprehensible little shit so full of his own shit.
        Therefore, by definition of your attitude, your evasion is nothing less than exploitation, self-deception and hypocrisy.
        You exploitative little hypocrite.

    2. You do talk absolute bollocks Andrew. The frightening thing is that you do actually believe all this.
      You do really think that you are right on all this stuff. Sad sad sad.
      Just watch as Brexit messes the country up and think what it cold have been like.
      Just watch as Trump puts his tyranny into action and messes the planet up in the process and think that it didn’t have to be that way.
      Every fascist thinks they have the solution! They are all utterly wrong.

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