A Captain Beefheart and Magic Band day! Simply the best live band ever! – Up there with Hendrix!

I love loud Rock Music, and soft acoustic music, and lyrical words of delight. I’ve seen most of the best bands in the universe from The Stones, Floyd, Who and Led Zep, to Cream, Doors and Hendrix. I’ve been fortunate to see Dylan, Neil Young, North Mississippi Allstars, White Stripes, Stiff Little Fingers, The Fall, Muddy Waters, Little Richard, Bo Diddley and Son House. But there is one band who are as good as any of them and always blast the top off my skull with their wondrously complex interchanges, great beat, powerful poetic lyrics and sheer power. The excitement they generate is unbelievable.

The Magic Band are awesome! Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) has the best voice in Rock and wrote some of the best lyrics.

Just what we need to blast the Brexit Blues and Trump trumpeting into touch!

Today is Beefheart Day!!

4 thoughts on “A Captain Beefheart and Magic Band day! Simply the best live band ever! – Up there with Hendrix!

    1. I know. I was the luckiest person to be living in London at the height of the Sixties Underground and going to 3 gigs a week, all-nighters, free concerts, festivals – all for peanuts. To see Pink Floyd perform in a pub for under 20p and Jimi Hendrix, Captain Beefheart, Led Zeppelin for 25p. So many. We thought it would never end – then it did.

      1. Not really the music so much as the vibe that the music fed of. The sixties was a great positive, altruistic vibe. Everyone shared everything. There wasn’t the money-grabbing greed and we thought we were building a new world based on different tenets.
        All an idealistic dream but one that was real for anyone who was part of it!

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