Bob Marley – Get up Stand up – lyrics about speaking up for your rights as a human being.

In these times of oppression and right-wing fascism we need protest! That’s what Marley stood for – Justice, fairness, equality and freedom!!

Opher's World

Nobody will do it for you.

All human beings are equal. No right that we have has been achieved without a fight. People have had to stand up in the face of violence and intimidation. History is littered with the causes.

Democracy was fought for long and hard. The vote was won in blood.

The Enlightenment was the result of brave people standing up and speaking out for the right to believe in whatever god or none.

The injustices in the world will not just go away. No god will come from the sky to make things right, there will be no heaven to rectify the injustices, no karma to reward or punish actions; we have to do it ourselves.

Equality and freedom are powerful words. Whether it is the economic injustice created by unfair systems, the political injustices of tyrants or the religious fanaticism and intolerance of ISIS; it…

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