537 Essential Rock albums pt. 7

A taster!!

Opher's World

61. Beatles – Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band

Well this is the Beatles great masterpiece from that magic year of 1967. Seemingly there was some supernatural cloud that the Earth passed through that gave everyone a super boost of creativity.

The idea for this was some sort of concept album with the Beatles masquerading as a fictional band. That idea fell by the wayside and only appeared as a couple of songs, the name of the album and the uniforms they wore.

The concept did spark off a bout of creativity that built on what they had been doing on Revolver.

This was when the whole Acid Rock, hippie scene was beginning to take off and the Beatles had been highly influenced both by that and the psychedelic drugs that were going round at the time. It resulted in a race to try to get in front on ideas…

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