Nick Harper – The Magnificent G7 – a plea for fairness

A superb song that everyone should play – melodic, beautiful, lilting, intricate and full of emotion. We should care for the suffering in the world – the poor children!

Opher's World

I think this is my favourite Nick Harper track. That is really saying something as he has written some extraordinary songs.

It is a heartfelt plea to the world leaders to do something about poverty.

The G7 nations meet but play games. They are not bothered about sorting out the world’s problems. The wars rage, inequality creates mass poverty, everything runs on profit, the rich organise the system to make them richer, babies starve, parents are desperate and the environment is destroyed.

Nick made the comparison of the G7 nations with the Magnificent 7 film. So who is going to come to the aid of the poor villagers?

The song is a beautiful lilting song with some incredible use of harmonics and string winding. It is a real contrast to the desperation it describes.

The Magnificent G7

Poor men can hope but there’s not much time  You have the power…

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