Nick Harper Gig at Back Room Cottingham – Photos and some words – a sell out!!

A great gig.

Opher's World

1. Nick2.-NickIMG_0672  Richard

IMG_0667Rich & Lou

IMG_0711IMG_0706IMG_0705IMG_0703IMG_0699IMG_0698IMG_0697IMG_0692   IMG_0687IMG_0686IMG_0677IMG_0675IMG_0674  IMG_0717

Nick is the most extraordinary guitarist and songwriter and should be the biggest thing around. unfortunately he is yet appreciated on that scale. But then, that can only be to our benefit. We are able to appreciate his brilliance in small intimate clubs like the Back Room in Cottingham.

The gig sold out well in advance and they were turning people away from the door! That’s always sad. My only consolation for all those people who didn’t get in is that Nick has promised to come back and do another gig in the same venue soon!

The night did not go without hitches – Nick’s guitar developed a fault prior to going on and had to have emergency repairs. It took out some of the driving bass sounds but that irritated Nick more than it did the audience. It did nothing to stop…

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