So which is the best Roy Harper track ever recorded?

Worth listening to all these gems!

Opher's World


It’s not an easy choice. It changes with the mood and wind.

I narrowed it down to 1 of 6.

I like the epic tracks with scope and depth. So for me the lyrics are the most important element, but the music is there as well. When Roy creates once of his mammoth songs he tends to chose a big canvas and embellish it with his poetic vision in a way that stimulates you to thinking and understanding the chosen subject in a different way. He likes big issues such as human evolution, society and religion. His words are the paint he daubs the canvas with. They are coloured with the hues of emotions – anger, fury, love, appreciation, nostalgia, hope, despair and beauty. You get the full works in a way that no other singer-songwriter does for me – not even Dylan.

Here are my six nominations:

McGoohan’s Blues

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2 thoughts on “So which is the best Roy Harper track ever recorded?

  1. I like your appraisal of Roy’s lyrical and emotional expression. I’ve been a fan since the late sixties and have attended many of his gigs, including Clonakilty.

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