Kindle v Book – Which is the best?

I have noticed a recent trend towards Kindle and away from paperbacks. When I first started selling my books there were as many paperback books sold as digital. Over the last three months I have discovered that the digital versions have started outselling the paperbacks in a ratio of 6:1. That is quite a change. Now it may be a blip or it could indicate a shift in the way people are reading these days. Perhaps it is just the kind of people who are attracted to my writing?

I enjoy reading. I am happy reading a kindle version of a book but I prefer owning a paperback. Having a physical entity to hold in your hands, the cover artwork, the feel and smell of the book give it substance that a digital does not possess. I know there are the downsides of storage (having just moved house I can attest to the weight and volume of books) and deterioration but there is something satisfying about a shelf or two of good books. An electronic gadget simply does not have the same soul.

When I published my books it was the pleasure of holding them in my hands and feasting on the cover that gave me such satisfaction. It was like giving birth. Somehow the birth pangs of a digital copy are not as fulfilling.

If you wish to have a browse through and look at the numerous books on offer the best place to start is the Opher Goodwin Author page on Amazon.

There is not a single bad review.

There is something for all tastes.

In the USA:

In the USA –

A couple of suggestions:

My memoir on Rock Music – In Search of Captain Beefheart for £6.99

My book on the exploits of a Headteacher – A passion for Education – The story of a Headteacher

Or a Sci-fi novel – Green

There are plenty more to choose from. Why not have a browse!

2 thoughts on “Kindle v Book – Which is the best?

  1. I don’t know about Kindle, but Barnes & Noble is looking to unload the Nook. It has about put them out of business investing all that money in digit readers. The square foot per store allotted to the Nook space now is way less than half of what it’s been. I’m SO happy!!!

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