Featured book – Danny’s Story – Chapter 33 – OD2

Here’s another chapter of Danny’s Story. I based this book on real-life from an old house in Manor House that had been converted into bedsits. It was full of an assortment of people – druggies, sex workers, gangsters, artists, piss-artists, friends, readers, thieves, music lovers, travellers, dreamers, lovers and musicians. Somehow it gelled into a community.
I fictionalised it and created a novel. It took me nearly 50 years to find the way of doing it!
This is a chapter dealing with an OD.

Opher's World

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Chapter 33 – OD 2

When the doorbell rang insistently late at night Danny thought that it was unlikely to be good news. There weren’t many people who would call at gone midnight. His heart sank. He knew it was probably Terry once again and he did not relish the prospect one tiny bit.

Danny bounded down the stairs, hoping it was going to be Alan, but sure enough found a distraught June standing at the door with tears streaming down her face.

‘Danny! Danny!’ she implored, grabbing at him in desperation. ‘You’ve gotta come quick. It’s Terry. I think he’s gone an’ done it this time!’

Danny stepped forward and gave her a big hug. She was so big now with the baby due any day that he could hardly get his arms round her. So much for Mr Rose’s policy of no pets, hippies or children, he found…

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