Danny’s Story – Chapter 1 – An Indie book about the sixties

I like this book – it describes a special time and place in my life.

Opher's World


Chapter 1 – How Danny Champion stumbled upon the House

Life was not going well for Danny Champion. Even given the vagaries of recent events you could say he was having a bad day. The final bust-up with Cheryl had left him bruised, deflated and defeated. His exasperated explosive fit of temper at work, culminating in his resignation, had been the final trigger that caused Cheryl to call it a day. She regarded him as a hopeless case who would amount to nothing. Then, following a blazing row, she had thrown him out.

Not that Danny felt aggrieved. He couldn’t blame her. She was right. He was a fool. The rules he wanted to live by did not fit with the world as it was. He’d thrown in his Master’s degree along with that job and now had no career prospects. Worst of all – he had not discussed it…

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