Chinese Animal Cruelty: Reality or Illusion?

This merely confirms my view that human beings are callous, cruel and thoughtless. We need to evolve!

Globe Drifting

SAM_0481A mountain seller’s stall in the Jade Village of Southern China’s Yunan.

Grey cauldron-like containers churn and bubble tempestuously, the waft of freshly stewed dog meat wades through nose hairs, goats bleat wildly before restaurants, beheaded crabs are flung onto their still live counterparts as skewered rats and squirrels plunge before one’s eyes. From cockroaches to sheep’s brain served straight from the skull – as if having fallen into the inner workings of a butcher’s twisted kaleidoscope – to the wandering westerner, many Chinese delicacies seem somewhat alien and ill-favoured.

Indeed, with pregnant mink and foxes beaten and skinned alive, 100 tons of fish lying dead in the rivers of Guangxi province and approximately 100,000 dogs killed during the annual ‘Lychee Dog Meat festival’ in Yulin, this culture seems fathomless and unmerciful. Yet perceptions alter as culture ripples across the oceans, the patterns of man evolve undetectably from land to land. Whilst…

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4 thoughts on “Chinese Animal Cruelty: Reality or Illusion?

  1. There’s a slight element of basic ignorance contained here. For starters, you can’t eat certain types of shell fish if they are already dead! You’d be very ill if not dead yourself.
    Obviously written by some archetypal westerner who has been to Asia once and suffered mega culture shock. They’ll get over it.

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