Why it’s time to end EU free movement

While in principle I am in favour of free movement I agree that we have to have some controls and limits. Mass migrations disrupt and play havoc with communities. People from outside bring great benefits and enrichment as long as they can be properly integrated and the infrastructure is there to deal with them. When there are too many it creates strains and people are not assimilated into the culture. There is also the fear of terrorism to contend with. Some processes need to be in place to deal with migrations.


Vince Cable makes the liberal case for immigration controls.

Source: Why it’s time to end EU free movement

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10 thoughts on “Why it’s time to end EU free movement

  1. I wonder what would have happened were there wars right across the north African region.
    The whole process of movement was disastrous where the entire bandwagon was jumped on by hundreds of thousands who technically had no right to claim asylum from war tyranny. The rules for economic migrants free flowing through the EU were completely destroyed.
    That few miles of sea stretch saved our bacon.

    1. I think the worst is yet to come. If climate warming creates havoc with desertification and floods there will be billions displaced, desperate people, wars and conflict and the breakdown of order. Global warming will affect everyone.

      1. If so, borders will be closed and it will be each nation for itself. But that’s a long way off, if at all.

      2. I do not think it is a long way off at all. This unrest and mass migration we have been experiencing is partly caused by global warming. Drought creates famine. Desperate people do anything to save their children.
        The West needs to exert influence to prevent global warming and stop the overpopulation crisis.
        Closing borders is not the answer.

      3. Not so. The recent huge influx into Europe has had nothing to do with drought. Somalia is a tribal/Islamic problem. We know about Syria. But the countless Egyptians are bandwagon jumpers.
        Perhaps if many of these people’s didn’t live in a desert then they would not be so affected by drought.
        I think it’s high time the west backs off and leaves them to it.
        Why does the west have to keep policing the world all the time, yet doesn’t fix its own problems. Enough.

      4. My worry is that things will bounce back on us when it goes wrong out there.
        But drought is playing its part. The increased desertification in sub-Saharan Africa is having a knock on effect.
        I don’t think we should act as policeman to the world but I do think it is in our interests to help sort the mess out – to help stop the wars instead of helping ferment them for profit, to help sort out the pollution and to help put a stop to this mad population increase. It will come back to bite us.

      5. Sub-Saharan Africans don’t get into Europe.
        It’s been biting us back since the day we started selling tin-pot nation governments large amounts of weapons, which also somehow fall into rebels hands, resulting in endless years of conflict.

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