What is the best album in the world?

What is the best album in the world and why?

There’s a hell of a lot of great albums out there. I know what I like and why.

You can check out my views and loads more about all the best albums in the world (in my view) in my book:



If you love Rock Music you will find this interesting. I started getting into Rock when I was ten years old with the likes of Little Richard and Buddy Holly. I went to my first gigs when I was fourteen seeing the British Birds (with Ronnie Wood) and Them (with Van Morrison). It was a baptism of excitement. Since then I’ve been to more gigs than I care to think about and I’ve seen nearly everyone worth seeing close up and personal. I’ve been a regular at Abbey Road studios, behind the scenes in festivals and mega-concerts and met most of the major players.

Rock has been a great passion to me.

I’ve lived through it all from Beatles to White Stripes, Bo Diddley to the Kills, and I’m still at the front!

The masses of LPs and CDs I’ve collected are testament to my love of the music. I ran Britain’s first History of Rock Music course (An excuse for me to play loud music) and introduced it into the school curriculum.

Rock is not life – it’s more important than that!

This book tells that story:

In the UK


In the USA


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