Poetry – I write letters – the wonders of consciousness and writing

Symbols is all we exchange. Do they spark the same for you as they do for me?

Opher's World


I write letters

There are wondrous processes at work that are so complex.


I often wonder what my thoughts would be if nobody had invented language, if they were left to be more abstract?

I wonder what a mind can think if it was cut off from the world?

I wonder if I think in words?

What are my thoughts, feelings and ideas?

I take a thought and reduce it into words. Each one of those words has a different meaning, nuance, feel and picture to you.

We communicate.

But how good is our communication?

I write letters into words and words into sentences and paragraphs. Each word is merely a symbol we have learnt. But can I really communicate the extent of what is in my head no matter how hard I try, how good I am with words?

Perhaps I am really only writing letters?



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