537 Essential Rock Albums pt. 24

A book that is interesting and controversial for enthusiasts and anyone vaguely interested in Rock Music. See if you agree with me. These are the best albums of all time!

Opher's World

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Here is an extract:

231. Junior Kimbrough – Sad Days Lonely Nights

Junior Kimbrough is a highly influential Blues artist whose records came out in the 1990s on the wonderful Fat possum label. Fat possum specialised in recording blues from the North of Mississippi which became known as the North Country Blues. They gave it a good solid beat and amplified guitar sound that brought it right up to date.

Howlin’ Wolf came from this region and you can hear the rudiments of the North Country Blues sound in his 1950s recordings – other influences of note were Lightnin’ Hopkins, John Lee Hooker and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

The North Country Blues sound, as created by Fat Possum, was based around a repetitive guitar line which develops into a hypnotic rhythm. Junior Kimbrough was the leading exponent of this…

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