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I thought this was both funny and worrying!


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8 thoughts on “Day to Day Politics: The Trump Report No 4. The impending disaster. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

  1. Great article. And I think they nailed it with this: “They voted for him because, in their anger with the business and political establishment, they wanted to give the system a kick up the bum. The less he sounded like a proper politician, the more they thought him the man for that job.”

    1. That seems to be it. There is a cynicism at work. People are so angry with the establishment that they disbelieve everything any experts have to say. They are in denial of all the scientific work, all the economic experts and anyone who presents a view of the future based on statistics or facts. They put their faith in anyone who comes along and tells them that the economic forecasts, environmental forecasts, global warming, migration reasons and reasons for terrorism are all rubbish and can be easily solved with a dose of hard reality. If only. If only. If only.
      Blind faith!!!

      1. But you don’t like facts Opher!

        The cynicism at work here is sadly that many experts are paid to say what they say – think tobacco industry. They lead that same merry dance for decades.
        Think about the bullshit excuses and cover-ups we heard from reams of so-called experts concerning that terrible oil disaster about 5 years ago.
        It’s got to the stage where these experts are no longer trusted and quite rightly so given that so many of them are liars and in the pocket of their paymasters.
        Only an idiot would trust the establishment – that same establishment that is very much responsible for your above list of dire circumstances.
        An establishment that time after time has reneged on its promises, lied and failed to produce anything close to what was expected of them.
        I’d also say that there is in reality no such thing as an economic expert – such an entity simply does not exist.
        What you do have are analysts who comment after the event. There’s thousands of them all paid by paymasters with an agenda. I wouldn’t trust them an inch.

        Why would anyone continue to give the established Washington support when there is perhaps an alternative option – at least give it a shot and see how it goes. What’s to lose?

        In reality, what has happened here is that people have turned their backs on blind faith. They see a real guy who made it happen for himself through tireless hard work, a guy that didn’t only come through via political back-slapping; and probably of most importance, a guy disassociated from the closed shop of Washington.

      2. No, you are right. I don’t accept them as facts. I tend to look at the bias and weigh it up. As you rightly say – many experts are in the pay of various conglomerates – but there are still a number who aren’t. I can see why people become cynical. However, to ignore all the expert advice and put your faith in someone who simply denies everything and comes up with simplistic answers seems daft.
        I don’t share your view of Trump as a hard-working guy. I see him as a spoilt rich kid who got to where he is through wealth and exploitation. He is a petulant child at times. Stacking his cabinet with climate deniers and announcing that he is going to pull out of all green agreements is extremely worrying. What’s to lose? I guess the whole world.

      3. For a start, he’s not in the job as yet. And if you ever thought that US political election rally’s are the place for detailed discourse, then you’d be disappointed.

        You’re very wrong about his work ethics. Very wrong indeed and your comments are thoroughly ignorant of the reality of what he’s had to do in order to get where he got to in his business life. I’m trying my best not to insult your intelligence here, but seriously, take a step back and think about it.

        Your “stacking his cabinet” rant is utter rubbish, I would go as far as to say it’s that of a petulant child!
        It is 100% evident that you are not a jot further on from your false conjecture of the last few weeks regards the plethora of people from all sorts of avenues, that have been brought into the threshold of his new think tank. It’s high time you took stock of who they are. You might have to eat you words.

        I’m beginning to think that you’re associated with the Fake News brigade that do the repetition propaganda thing en mass on the premise that the more you say something the chances are the more people will believe it.
        Let me re-phrase that – you are the False News Brigade, the Opher’s World division, with a team of one.

      4. So Trump’s assertions of pulling out of all the Green accords is not true? The claims that his cabinet has a number of climate warming deniers has no foundation?
        I think it is healthy to be cynical of what ‘experts’ say but irresponsible to assert that there is no foundation to any of it, and plain stupid to reverse everything and blithely press on in complete ignorance and defiance of all the evidence.
        Yes, the establishment, including Trump and his business empire, is responsible for the mess. Thank heavens they have woken up to the dangers their actions created and are, at last, doing something about it. And fuck Trump for saying that he will be undoing the good work that is being carried out to put it right. Global warming and species extinction is real. Trump is a dangerous fool who only cares about money.

      5. I think it’s always better to make judgment when transparency is evident rather than engaging in cloaked conjecture and assumptions. That’s all I’m getting at really.
        Were you to check out the huge list of people he’s bringing in, you’ll see a number from both sides of the green energy / global warming camps.

        It’s a very volatile time regards what’s really happening, particularly when large media corporations are under the control of some very pissed off heavy duty Democrats.

        The most immediate dodgy issue that he’s got some involvement in is the Dakota Access Pipeline, that will be cutting through the Standing Stock Indian Reservation, whatever that is, and the Sioux Indians aren’t too happy about it. Sacred land and all that superstitious stuff they wallow in. However, it’s an underground pipeline, therefore, not exactly a big ugly eyesore. It’s also the safest and cleanest way to transport oil. Trump owns shareholding stocks with the company building it, the imaginatively titled Energy Transfer.
        Looks like a no-brainer to me, when you see it on the map, just one straight line state-to-state. I really can’t see what the problem is.
        Furthermore, the pipeline will free up the freight trains and be able to take all the grain that the farmer’s have been moaning about for years, where it’s transportation has been hampered by lack of transport by rail and forced on the roads at much higher transportation costs. Therefore, immediately less polluting, too.
        It’s just another ‘you please one, but annoy another’ deal.
        However, although Trump today is getting all the fallout for it, the plans were passed during Obama’s tenure and the build is about 90% completed already.

      6. My concern is the rhetoric that Trump is coming out with about pulling out of all Green agreements coupled with his appointment of some very high-profile deniers. It does not augur well.
        Time will tell. But I do not think it is just wind from a Democratic Party that is pissed off.
        Most Green issues seem to have become controversial. It is the number one priority for me.

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