Anecdote – Jimi Hendrix at the Royal Albert Hall 1969 – The Farewell gig.

Memories of a long gone gig.

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Jimi Hendrix and the Royal Albert Hall 1969

The Jimi Hendrix Experience was breaking up. It was tragedy. I had seen him perform twice but that wasn’t nearly enough. Now Jimi and the Experience were splitting and going their separate ways. I couldn’t believe it. Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell were not the most brilliant and accomplished of rhythm sections but they were exciting and dynamic and the perfect foil for Jimi to play with. They added rawness, energy and gusto to the act.

Electric Ladyland, the double album masterpiece, had been released to mixed reviews. A lot of people found it hard to adapt to the longer, more drawn out tracks. They preferred the shorter more exciting tracks they had become used to on Are You Experienced and Axis Bold As Love. It took a while for people to catch up with Jimi’s genius.

But all wasn’t quite lost…

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7 thoughts on “Anecdote – Jimi Hendrix at the Royal Albert Hall 1969 – The Farewell gig.

      • You’re incorrect, Opher.
        We’ve been here before, done it and I proved it to you.
        You memory is shot.
        And I’ll bet you will never ever find any press release that advertises such.

        The “Farewell” was Cream in November `68 – which was advertised as such.
        Redding was in the band until June `69 and suddenly left on 29 June `69, when he heard Hendrix was planning to record with others.
        In fact this had already happened shortly before on 21 May `69 during a session with Cox and Miles, but Redding didn’t know about this when told on 29 June.
        It’s all down to pat in just about every book available.
        Watch Redding’s interview on the South Bank Show film and hear him tell you once and for all.

      • All I know is that me and my mates went along to that gig knowing it was Jimi’s last farewell gig. My mate Jules slept outside the Albert Hall to get us tickets. It might not have been advertised as that but we were in no doubt.
        We came out lamenting that it wasn’t as good as it should have been and hoping they’d reform in the future because it should have been better.
        I’m not confusing it with Cream.

      • “It might not have been advertised as that but we were in no doubt”! “We”? “Hoping they’d reform”?
        And “reform” they did, as after their holiday period both Redding & Mitchell turned up for further Experience recordings in New York on the 1st April.
        Talk about woffle! Jeezuz, man, you’d sell your granny before losing face, wouldn’t you.
        It’s sad really when it gets to the stage of futility, yet all the info is provided by your resident Hendrix expert.
        I’d suggest Hendrix isn’t one of your strongest subjects to discuss.

      • I can only speak from personal experience of the Experience. We were desperate to get tickets because it was the last time we’d get to see the Experience in Britain. Nothing to do with saving face. I just tell it how it was. Whether that fits in with the reported facts or not. It is what I experienced. When we went to that concert we were going to see the last gig the Experience was to play in Britain. That is how we saw it and what it was for us.

      • Well all I can say is you knew more about this than Hendrix, Redding, Mitchell and Jeffery’s ever did at this early stage some 4 months before the actual event. Quite remarkable talent there, particularly when there’s not a shred of evidence to back up such claims, yet loads of it to the contrary.
        Bottle it and you’ll make a fortune.

        So given such talent, what’s your take on events in Davlen Studios, Los Angeles in 1976?

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