Why you should support the unions in their strikes

In my view this continuing privatisation and erosion of workers rights and pensions is disgusting. It needs opposing. The unions are 100% right.

These things I believe

This Christmas period the UK will be hit by a wave of strikes in the transport and postal sectors. This will cause massive amounts of inconvenience to Joe Public, and risks making this a fitting Christmas for 2016. Understandably, people are annoyed, and they have got lots of airtime in the media. Which is the point of strikes: to draw the public’s attention to the plight of the striking worker.

The striking workers come from the Post Office, Southern Rail, BA and Swissport baggage handlers. ‘What are they striking about, surely they just want more for less, the greedy bastards’, I hear you roar as you stand, frozen, on the platform. Well, Post office workers are striking about 60 branches switching to the private sector and job cuts. This will change pension plans, meaning 100,000 workers will lose thousands in retirement funds.

Southern Rail workers are disputing “driver only operation”…

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