The Blues Muse – West London – If it ain’t Stiff

What better way of learning about the story of Rock Music than to live it through a character who lived it all? A great book. A great present!

Opher's World

In the wake of Punk the Independent labels flourished. This was a break from corporate control. It was as if the music was unleashed. There was a flurry of creativity and energy. The Stiff Label led the way.

West London

When Jake Riviera told me that he was setting up business with Dave Robinson and did I want to come in on it I was interested. I knew Dave Robinson had previously worked with Jimmy Hendrix. In my book anybody who worked with Jimi had to be OK. Not only that but Jake had been manager of Dr Feelgood and instrumental in the whole of that seventies Pub Rock scene and Wilko Johnson was one of my favourite characters. He was an original. I’d seen Chuck Berry do his machine gun stance but Wilco had taken that a stage further and his robotic, head jerking, staccato movements, complete with bulging…

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