The Blues Muse – The cover and title.

This book tells the story of Rock Music in a highly enjoyable novel. A great read and an ideal present.

Opher's World


The cover for the Blues Muse was a photo I recently took of Arthur Brown when he played Hull. I thought there was something forlorn in the expression that juxtaposed against the bright psychedelic colouring. It resonated with me as it seemed to capture some of the elements of Rock Music and the emotion that is in it.

I struggled with the title for the book. The title Blues Muse does not conjure up the feeling of Rock Music. Although it started with the Blues it progressed into many other forms and this did not capture it. Although I tried many different titles I kept going back to this one. In the end I decided that it was the one I should go with.

If you would like to purchase The Blues Muse, or any of my other books please follow the links:

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In theā€¦

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