Chris Jagger at the Great British Folk Festival – Photos

I was intrigued to see what Chris Jagger could do. I wasn’t sure what to expect. He was no Jumping Jack Flash but I was greatly impressed with his solid, well-trodden voice. The music was excellent – a kind of Western Swing with heavy New Orleans style. Not the R&B and Blues of his famous brother. Neither were there the cavorting or histrionics. He gave a solid performance of interesting songs amply backed by a great double bass and brilliant violin. Juliette was extraordinary.

Of course I bought a CD.

Here’s a few photos:

7 thoughts on “Chris Jagger at the Great British Folk Festival – Photos

  1. Chris has made many good albums with his first in 1973.
    Western swing is certainly not his usual as he’s much more of a blues and zydeco guy and always has been.
    Check out his album ‘Atcha’.

    1. Just bought Atcha. Had a chat with them and they all signed it. His violinist – Juliette was superb. Can’t play it yet as my sound system is in bits and my music all packaged up. There was certainly a zydeco influence there. That’s right. A real New Orleans feel. I was much more impressed than I thought I’d be.

    2. By the way – I purchased Rainer and the Red Devils. I’ve had a brief chance to listen to Rainer and he sounded good. Will let you know what I think when I get sound system set up. Too busy moving stuff, decorating and putting furniture together. It is knackering.

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