New Novel – Sorting the future – Chapter 14 – Recognition

This is a fun Sci Fi novel – Opher saves the world.

Opher's World

Chapter 14 – Recognition

‘Look Mummy,’ Hester said. ‘That man looks just like Daddy, but a lot younger. He sounds like Daddy too.’

‘What are you watching, love?’ Liz asked on automatic.

‘I was watching the cartoons,’ Hester replied, not taking her eyes off the screen. ‘But then this came on. It was annoying. Some boring government meeting. I hate politics. So I flicked channels and it was everywhere. Then I noticed that it sounded just like Daddy; and he looks like Daddy too. He’s even saying the same kind of things that Daddy says.’

Liz was tidying up the kitchen after tea and drifted into the sitting room and sat next to Hester. She frowned at the screen even though her heart wasn’t in it. It showed a huge conference room with delegates sitting at their desks. Each had a little flag of their country. It looked like the…

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