New novel – Danny’s Story – Chapter 16 – routine

Danny’s Story is an interesting look at the sixties.

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This book is in its early stages. The first draft comes in at 45,000 words. I wrote it in a very short period of time as a stream of consciousness. It is based around a house I lived in from 1972 to 1974. It has been fictionalised and the names changed but the events were real.

I am embarking on a substantial rewrite so any comments or suggestions would be useful. The final draft should weight in at around 70,000 words, so you can see that there will be considerable development.

Chapter 16 – Routine

Danny’s new life had soon slipped into a pleasant routine.

A lot of the time he’d hang out with Pete, reading and listening to music. Every now and then he’d visit with Sandy and Jeanie for a riotous threesome. They loved him dropping in and treated him like a young kid. They were only his…

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