New novel – Danny’s Story – Chapter 15 – Jim’s albums

For anyone who wants to know what life in London might have been like in the sixties.

Opher's World


Chapter 15 – Jim’s albums

Big Jim was every bit as big as big Alan but with a lot less flab. He had a main of long curly ginger hair and a ginger tash and always dressed well with a well-tailored tweed jacket, pressed open-neck shirt and cords with desert boots. Jim worked in the advertising business. Everything about him was stylish and precise.

Her loved music. Big Jim had a large collection of albums. He treated them with the same degree of care that he took with his appearance. His job provided him with the means.

It was Alan and Sally who introduced Danny to Jim. He lived in the basement flat behind them facing out into the garden adjacent to Pete. Danny instantly connected. They liked the same sounds. Jim was big, jovial and friendly ……. Except when it came to his record collection. Danny soon found that…

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