Moving house – the final phase!

After having moved half a ton of vinyl, 3 tons of books, 5 tons of CDs, and most of the furniture we now come to the last phase – on Monday we have removal men coming to take our beds, TV, computer, kitchen table and settee.

I will walk around the house and relive memories from the last thirty years – memories of our children growing up, of friends, laughter, argument, fury and love. Friends, now dead, have sat within this house and I will taste their presence and think of them. Those memories are already packed inside my head but I think that they permeate the fabric of the building and something of us will remain behind to resonate within those walls.

This house has stood for three hundred years and we have left our mark on it. We have altered the infrastructure, improved the building, put up an extension and changed it for the better. Yet, even though we have spent nearly half our lives here, we were only passing through.

I look upon the bigger picture. It is the same with the planet. We are only passing through. Do we leave the world a better place from the experience of our lives? Or do we leave it the poorer?

I am going on into a new chapter of life next week. I shall leave much behind but ahead there is a new adventure. That is where I go with great enthusiasm. Life is change. It will change me – hopefully for the better!

I am under no delusions. There will be many things I miss and are saddened by.

I may be out of contact for a while. In my experience promises are rarely met. I do not expect the internet to work. I expect a period of time in which I will need to remonstrate with a lot of people to get things working properly.

I look forward to talking to you in the future from a new life!! Fare thee well!


11 thoughts on “Moving house – the final phase!

    1. Cheers Dave. We’re there but not as we know it! Nothing works! All is strange. I think we’re in a quantum universe! I’m sure it will sort itself out. Internet is appalling!

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