Moving House!!!

For the past two weeks we have been moving house. Each day we have been packing boxes and taking them in the car to the new house. We have two guys and a van who are moving our big stuff. We have had two days with them.

Our old house is empty now. The rooms echo. We have our bed, a small table and two chairs and a settee. It is very sad.

We have lived here for thirty years and brought our kids up here.

On Monday we have the last big move day and we will be gone.

We will return to clean the empty house and touch up the paint to make it look nice for the next owners. We hope they will enjoy it as much as we did.

The new house is different. There will be new challenges, neighbours and new friends. It will be a new start. It is exciting.

I’ve just walked round the old house. It’s full of memories. It is three hundred years old. Soon we will be gone from here. We were just passing through.

13 thoughts on “Moving House!!!

  1. 300 years old??? I would love to see a picture! Isn’t it amazing the way the sound of kids fill up all those corners. I can’t imagine ever leaving here, but I think the time is coming for us, too. We need a one-floor house. We moved in when the house was brand new and have been here a measly 45 years!!! Your post made me kind of teary… ❤

  2. Hi there! It is a little sad indeed! It was such a lovely house, I hope it will be in good hands and make another family happy. Wishing you all the best in your new home, don’t forget to let me know your new address!

    • Hi Virginie. Yes it is a lovely house and we have had great times here. But life is change. Great to hear from you. Hope you are all well and enjoying life. Our new home is gorgeous too! We needed a change! We will be sure to give you our new address and a welcome whenever you and your family want to visit and take a dip in the North Sea. We have plenty of room!

      • I’m always in for a dip in the North Sea lol! But we’re in San Diego right now, and the Pacific Ocean isn’t even quite as cold yet! Let me know if you fancy enjoying SoCal winter (or any other time) with us, we have room too… Or if you’re looking for a white Christmas, our house in Quebec is available too…

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