Away Moving House!! What an experience!

We are in the process of moving house!! It is exhausting, stressful and very time consuming. Hence I have not been posting much.

I get to relax every now and again between trips to the new house. I sit here and type. Everything is on hold. I have hundreds of emails to answer and no time to do posts or continue my writing. Life is on hold.

Apologies to anyone I don’t get round to responding too. Apologies to anyone who gets a short-tempered retort! Stress levels are high!

We are very fortunate to have a three week window in which to get moved. Removal men (two guys and a Luton van, are arriving every Wednesday. In between it is packing and running back and forth. I ache.

On a positive side it is great going through all my books, LPs and CDs. It is like rediscovering old friends. There is so much that we have accumulated in thirty years at this place.

It is sad to be leaving this old house. We’ve loved living here. But the future calls and change is necessary. We’re ready for it.

It will be a new life!

14 thoughts on “Away Moving House!! What an experience!

  1. Good luck. I have avoided moving for the past 14 years. The longest I have lived anywhere since becoming an adult. And now I dread moving all the junk I have collected since being here! And only one of my kids is an adult now (but he is still here, or at least all his junk (lego.) Moving is just something we feel the need as a marker in life.

    1. We’ve been here for a staggering thirty years! I can’t quite believe that. Before here we were always moving.
      Moving the books, records, CDs and junk is a mammoth task. Fortunately we’ve got this 3 week window otherwise we’d be mad!
      You’re right -We need a change!!

    1. If it wasn’t for the stress (financial and emotional) it would be great. You are right! It is so great to rediscover all those treasures that have been out of sight. I’m trying to enjoy it all and take pleasure in reconnecting as well as setting up a new home. At the moment we are torn between two homes and neither feels right just yet.

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