S.nake O.il S.alesmen

I liked this a lot!


Image result for trumpWe had a feller come to town

claiming he could turn water into wine

when he couldn’t he blamed the sun…

we didn’t think much of it…

The next day, he was gone

to the town of Kul

Where stories came about of a man

who turned water into wine

and they praised him as a king

and the world came to see

and the world came to understand his wisdom

What is the wisdom of a man who turns water into wine?

It’s the miracle

We all want to be a part of it.

And fools rush in – because it only takes one

Like those late-night telemarketers – they know if they get one

It might as well be a million

You get one disenfranchised, desperate citizen that feels like he’s been screwed into destitution by his country

That’s all it takes

Snake Oil – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_oil

There’s intellux…

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