Leonard Cohen – The Old Revolution – lyrics about the need to involve yourself. Life is a battle. We need to fight (non-violently) to make it better.

Tribute to Len!

Opher's World

This is a genius of a poem. There is so much in it.

Most people go through life without involving themselves. This is a plea to them to get involved. We have to fight and make our voices heard if we want the world to change for the better.

We have to do that despite the fact that there is no pure cause, that all our heroes are flawed, that we are sold down the river, that are goals are muddied, that our leaders are doing it for power and wealth, that we can never achieve what we would like. We still have to launch ourselves into the fray and try.

That is what life is about.

When we are young and full of idealism it seems pure and easy. Then we find we were betrayed by our heroes and used. But we still have to find a way to…

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