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Totally unwarranted attack on the three High Court Judges! Stupidity rules!


First the Brexiteers want sovereignty to be decided by British courts and then they scream when it is.

The right-wing media is totally out of order. The right-wing Tories are looking to set up a tyranny not democracy.

The referendum was poorly framed, poorly executed and has resulted in chaos and will I strongly suspect result in the long-term decline of Britain.

I voted remain but I accept what I consider is the most stupid decision that the British people have come up with in a very long time. I listen to what the politicians have to say on the matter and it is plain ludicrous. The reasons for people voting out were many. You can easily enumerate the main ones – sovereignty, to prevent mass immigration, bureaucracy in the EU, to make us better off, fear of terrorism, revolt against austerity, dislike of undemocratic aspects of the EU, to go back to the ‘good old days’, that Britain can do better on its own, as a howl of rage against the establishment and austerity. The fact that most of these in my opinion are complete bonkers and not going to be ‘solved’ by leaving the EU is neither here nor there. We were lied to – but people should have seen through it. They voted and we are stuffed. We are coming out. For Theresa May to suggest that she knows why people voted out is a lie. The reasons were many and complex.

There is not a majority against immigration or a majority for sovereignty. There is not a majority for any one thing. The referendum was binary. It did not tell us anything of why people voted and what % were in favour of what.  If you take out all the votes who were just wanting to have a go at the establishment there would not have been a vote to leave.

The question remains how do we leave? There are many options. These need discussing.

The three judges ruled on the law. I knew that a referendum is advisory before it happened. Parliament, not government, can effect it. That is law.

The judges are not blocking Brexit. They are ruling on a constitutional matter. The only body that can decide on Brexit and the type of Brexit is parliament – not a small executive of extreme right-wing Tories. I strongly suspect that parliament will vote for suicide – because that is democracy and the politicians support democracy.

I want a full democratic discussion over the many complex issues involved in leaving the EU. Those decisions will decide jobs, austerity and even death for millions of British people. They are not to be taken lightly and they are not to be decided by a bunch of extreme nutters. Our representatives need a say!

The right-wing fanatics can shriek all they like – it is democratic to discuss these huge weighty issues in parliament. It is tyrannical for a small group of extreme politicians to keep everything secret and make all the decisions themselves.

All the death and rape threats being directed at the judges are disgusting. The hysteria of the media is disgusting. This is part of the hate and extremism that Brexit has unleashed. We’ve allowed a bunch of racist, violent thugs out of the cupboard. We have to find a way to lock them back in. They are an obnoxious minority.

Hey – personally I’d far rather be ruled by Europe rather than the likes of Fox, Davies, May and Reese-Mogg, but I don’t have a choice.

At this moment in time stupidity rules.

Thank heavens we have the law to give us a little protection from the extremes!

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