Poetry – Long Gone – a poem about the destruction of nature.

I write these things to raise awareness so that a prevailing mood might progress among people to do something about this dreadful onslaught. It must be stopped. Nature must be protected. We cannot continue to slaughter creatures at this rate.

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Long Gone

I become so upset by the vandalism of the planet. In my lifetime I have seen nature being forced on the retreat. That makes it sound much to pleasant though. It is not retreating; it is being systematically destroyed, piece by piece.

As the population soars towards 9 Billion more and more wilderness is being invaded, more habitat destroyed, more animals slaughtered.

Even in our towns there is a relentless pressure on nature. Inside our homes we deploy an array of chemicals to destroy bugs. We sanitise our gardens and build on wasteland. We dig up hedges and cut down trees, fill in ponds and culvert streams. What isn’t eradicated is treated with pesticides and polluted out of existence. Where are the corners where nature was holding on? Where is the room for the caterpillars, frogs, newts and bees?

Around the world the jungles are logged and the hunters gather their bushmeat. The mining companies and oil prospectors move in and lay waste. We are voracious for growth, profit and progress – it comes first. Nature and the needs of animals and plants come a long way down the list.

We will only realise when it is long gone.


Long Gone


Bees and butterflies,

Bird and monkey,

Chimp and rhino,

Elephant and tree,



Into history.


Pesticides and ivory –


Brought to its knees.

Machine gun,

Harpoon and nets –

Chemicals on the breeze.


Common to rare

Have to gone

Green to brown

Right to wrong

Forest to concrete

Silence from song.


Opher 2.11.2016

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