My Book, Surreal, Sixties – Part 2 – Chapter 11 Poem – I Am

This is it – the final section – a poem of the I Am variety. This is the finale of Reality Dreams – Book 1.


I am your healing waters

I am your warning fires

I am the green that smiles

I am the flesh that feeds

In some things I am more apparent


I am as swift as thought

I am as far reaching as gravity

I am as silent as a dark night

I am as deadly as opinion

Could I be the only reality?


I am a call on the wind

I am a voice in the dark

I am a tug on the sleeve

I am the wise man’s dream

Find me in the centre of the sun


I am the vision of the toadstool

I am the dream of the pipe

I am the insight of silence

I am the orgasm of the night

Far from the madness of the city

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