#WCW – Dolores Huerta

One world – one people – united we are stronger. We need strength to stand up to the corporations who are destroying the planet for profit.

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Dolores Huerta is an activist and labor leader who co-founded what would become the United Farm Workers.

“Dolores Huerta has worked to improve social and economic conditions for farm workers and to fight discrimination. To further her cause, she created the Agricultural Workers Association (AWA) in 1960 and co-founded what would become the United Farm Workers (UFW). Huerta stepped down from the UFW in 1999, but she continues her efforts to improve the lives of workers, immigrants and women.

Early Life

Activist and labor leader Dolores Fernández, better known as Dolores Huerta, was born April 10, 1930, in Dawson, New Mexico, the second child of Juan and Alicia (Chavez) Fernandez. The young family struggled, and by the time Dolores was three, her parents divorced and her mother moved Dolores and her two brothers to Stockton, California. Dolores maintained a relationship with her father, who later became a union activist…

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24 thoughts on “#WCW – Dolores Huerta

      1. I’m not sure they have a great deal of choice in the matter though. Education is the key. If it’s not there then there is no way out. But I agree that there is an element in the culture that does not value educational opportunity as much asd it should. When I taught in Los Angeles the chicano kids were running with the gangs. They couldn’t see any way out. They aspired to be gang leaders and were bewitched by the girls, dope, cars and easy cash. They accepted getting shot and prison as the price. It’s a mentality that needs shifting.

      2. It wouldn’t take much education to realise a person cannot feed and put clothes on 7 children picking lettuces for a living.
        And you’ve pretty much highlighted Trump’s problem with this community.

      3. Unfortunately the catholic religion with its stupidity attitude towards contraception has a lot of the blame. There are big cultural wheels at work that need addressing. I sure as hell don’t believe Trump has any intention of addressing them. He’s for easy solutions, black and white answers – walls.
        But all this is missing the point of the post – it was about opposing exploitation and organising. Fairness and justice.
        You’ll be telling me Ghandi was handy next – yes he was but………..

      4. What’s fair about a sector of the community continually requiring bailout due to the nature of their life choices?
        How many generations are going to make the same mistakes after mistakes?
        It’s a running bad joke and I haven’t missed any point because the real point is by virtue they exploit their own long before anybody else does.

      5. Poor workers are always exploited by rich landowners. They have had to unionise and fight hard for a fair wage. That is the point.
        The cultural stupidities and religious stupidities are part of what I am continuously railing against. I think these people need to dump the baggage and get out of the trap. Education and integration are the ways forward as far as I can see.

      6. Indeed, obviously.
        But it isn’t going to happen as too few choose to or make any attempt to integrate. They’re all about “identity” – they have egos that don’t match their intellectual or financial acumen.

      7. But when? You saw it for yourself 35 years ago. What’s changed except the multiplication of numbers by a factor of 15? Certainly they are entitled to “rights”, but not divine rights.

      8. Ha – there are no divine rights. These are the problems that need addressing. They are not being addressed by anyone.
        Step 1 – do away with religion
        Step 2 – remove benefits for kids and explain why
        Step 3 – improve education
        Step 4 – integrate into society

        I didn’t say it would be easy. It seems to me that business wants a cheap bunch of people to exploit. They are happy with it and they fund the politicians.

      9. 1. Good luck on the religion front – I very much doubt there’d be any success there.
        Perhaps in generations to come but certainly not today.
        2. What purpose would be served by removing benefits for kids (what little they receive anyway) as there would surely be only one casualty?
        3. How is any form of planned education programme going to work when numbers continually increase with thousands pouring in every week?
        Why are there thousands pouring in every week?
        What will it take to stop that?
        4. Entirely impossible when Latino identity cannot be taken from a Latino. It’s all they’ve got.

        It’s their own people – their mafia gang-masters who control the labour forces. It’s them who determine who works where and how much they get paid. There’s chains of corruption all the way up, all through their society. Their exploitation is self-governed.

      10. I’m certainly looking long-term. I don’t think there are any easy fixes to things that run as deep as this.
        So what are your solutions?

      11. I don’t think Americanisation is necessarily the answer – that’s too righteous and to a degree somewhat fascist, but probably the only long-term viable answer. These people are in a state of limbo – half-way house between one culture and another.
        The stronger of two cultures will prevail over time and generations of integration, which is the natural progress otherwise resentment rears. The problem is exacerbated with the existing relationships between each faction, where Peruvians hate Bolivians, who hate Venezuelans who hate Mexicans etc. It’s a cauldron not entirely conducive to living harmoniously with the neighbour.

        Immigration has to be hit hard and fast. That’s a must-do.
        The rest has all to do with the way America operates.
        So much of it’s culture really hasn’t moved on since the days of the wild west where gun culture takes precedence.

      12. Seems to me that the key is to reduce population big time – a huge programme with incentives – and raise standards in South America.
        Immigration needs to slow right down and integration happen. They are all big asks.
        You are totally right about this backward gun-toting wild-west culture. There are a whole bunch of Americans who feel it is still the late 1800s frontier land – who resent any restrictions on them what-so-ever. They need to move on. An updating of the constitution wouldn’t go amiss.

  1. The teacher assumed she was not smart because of her ethnicity? What kind of teacher was that! Teachers above most other people should be aware of kids’ potentials. That made me mad.

      1. Considering she was born in 1930 and this incident happened in her childhood, it’s hardly of this day and age is it?

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      1. Isn’t that nice, such kind words, too! Or was that the least subtle hard sell I’ve seen in a while….

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