Is the Government deliberately stoking up xenophobia and racism or merely pandering to its rabid right wing?

The two measures that have been introduced send chills through me and send out a very clear message. That message is that foreigners, or people of foreign origin are not welcome in Britain. We are keeping tabs on you. You are being marked out.

  • All businesses have to report foreign workers
  • All schools have to report the country of origin of their children

This is stoking the sentiment that ‘foreigners’ are different and must be identified. Whether that is the intention or not, that is what is happening. It is reinforcing the attitude of racists and xenophobes, creating fear and distress in people who originate from outside the UK, and sending a clear message that foreigners are unwelcome.

Businesses are to give preference to UK citizens. So we no longer appoint the best people for the job?

Why is the Home Office receiving all this information? So action can be taken? What action?

Do we start forcing people to wear badges on their clothing to identify them as second-class citizens, unworthy to be here? Do we initiate a programme of public humiliation? Perhaps the badges could have the initials of the country of origin so that there can be selective racism? The public can then select which nationality to vilify. We could have different days of the week to vilify different groups?

I do not like this. I am reminded of  Martin Niemoller’s poem

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist
Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist
Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist
Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew
Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

29 thoughts on “Is the Government deliberately stoking up xenophobia and racism or merely pandering to its rabid right wing?

  1. Have been to the Holocaust Museum in DC several times. Niemoller’s poem is enshrined in the room at the very end where you can light candles for those of your family that died in the Holocaust. As poignant and right on as the poem is, most folks don’t know that Miemoller threw his support behind that lot to begin with. I think people would get an even more important message from knowing his whole story. He learned the hard way they all were savages.

      1. It’s not a museum, but a memorial site.

        The Nordrhein-Westfalen area (the state where Bonn is located) is not near anything about the Holocaust.
        The only historical museum in Bonn is “Haud de Geschichte” which is a contemporary museum with German history only from 1945 onwards.
        You’d need to go to Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, located in the Rothschilds Villa, as the closest city with any form of Jewish museum.

      2. You tell me, but there isn’t any holocaust museum in Bonn, just that of a memorial. I just happen to know this, hence why I said so.

      3. Well whatever it officially was called it was a major building devoted to the rise of the Nazi party and the holocaust. Our German colleagues were very keen to take us there to show us the German contrition over ttheir role in electing a fascist and supporting policies of genocide. It was a very moving place. The point they were making was that Germany had changed. That there were big educationally moves to ensure that there was never again a climate where fascists would be elected and minority groups scapegoated. Germany had gained in compassion and was ashamed of its past. There was a determination to show the world that they were no longer the image portrayed of them as strutting,world-dominating Nazis.
        That was probably the sentiment behind Merkel’s reaction to the immigrants.

    1. That’s the Haud de Gechichte which isn’t exactly as you described “a holocaust museum”. Its certainly not managed by the Jewish contingent. None of the Holocaust dedicated museums are managed by non-Jewish.
      I think you well may have seen a special short-term exhibition arranged in it as this is certainly not its intended purpose. It is a permanent display on all things “New Germany” including the former DDR.
      I’ve been in it to around 1990-ish, shortly after it had opened and there was nothing of the kind there upon my visit. It was almost as if Nazism had never existed. It promoted positivity, not shame.

      A Google may well confirm this…

      Yes, it was myself who intimated some while back that I thought Merkel to be a Nazi Apologist.
      Glad you seem to agree with that.

      1. All I know was that I was taken along to a huge exhibition in a museum in Bonn. I don’t know who it was run by or whether it was a permanent exhition or not and I don’t know where it was. I was taken there, we looked round, it was very informative and moving and we talked about it over a meal with our German hosts. It was a big deal to them. They took us there deliberately to show how attitdes have changed and education was changing things.
        To me the minor details of who, what and where are unimportant. The important thing was that there was an exhition in a museum, it was good, it was seen to be important by the Germans and it heralded a new attitude. What is there to constantly pick over?
        My visit must have been in about 2004 or there-abouts.
        Yes I do think the Germans have a collective guilt over the holocaust and their involvement in starting two world wars. They were bending over backwards to try to demonstrate that they were different – that Germany was more tolerant and liberal and they were sorry for the past with its terrible times.

      2. I know. I remember my Berliner friends all my age when I worked In Berlin for a year, 1981-82, asking me what I thought about “German people”. It’s a different matter being on the other end of that big question. I simply explained to them that we get taught why the war started and all that happened. That Germany had taken great steps to change itself of the past and the people of today were in no way responsible or should be in any manner held accountable.

        They hated their Nazi fore bearers. They just couldn’t get their heads round how it got so out of control.

      3. I think they felt almost personally responsible even though they weren’t even alive at the time. There was a great need to show they were contrite and taking measures to ensure it would never happen again. There was something good about that but also something not quite right. They were feeling guilt for something they hadn’t done.

      4. They may well have had close family with ties to atrocities.
        Many harbour that shame. Unless you’re the daughter and niece of Himmler, who still this day organise money for those Nazi family members still living in Argentina etc.

      5. Himmler’s daughter – some people never learn.
        They may well have. I’m sure most have some connection – but they never spoke about it.
        When I taught in LA the woman teaching in the lab next to me was of German origin. She moved to America after the war. She had been a fourteen year old girl living in Berlin when the Americans liberated it. Only once did she talk about it. She said they were terrified and starving. It was chaos. There was bombing and they were all praying that the Russians didn’t get them first. When the Americans came in they were all fresh-faced kids – most of the old hands had been killed or wounded. She went very quiet – all she said was: ‘if the parents of those kids knew what they had done in Berlin they would never have let them back in their houses again.’

      6. She was definitely one of the lucky ones. At least 2 million women/girls were raped by Russians.
        However, being just 14 and Berlin based, she may very well have been unaware of the atrocities met out to captive US troops by SS troops. I’m sure that anger goes all the way down the line. It even manifested itself with the method the US employed with hanging convicted Nazi’s – by using piano wire that basically slowly cut their heads off. No mercy!

      7. I think she saw and probably experienced things she could never escape from. They haunted her.
        When you live with that level of fear and see your friends horribly killed it does things to your mind. Those soldiers behaved in ways that normal people would not dream of. I know from talking to my dad, who had a relatively good experience in Sicily and Naples as a despatch rider, that he was badly traumatised by some of the things he had seen and what had happened to his friends.
        The Russians were brutal and took revenge but I don’t think the Americans were much better.

  2. Relax for goodness sake. It’s for national Census purposes. Due to Labour’s lack of discipline, we’re none too sure of how many people are living in the country.
    They already know who pays tax, those registered for council tax, those registered in receipt of benefits – so this is the obvious next step.
    You want the NHS improved? So how can they improve anything if they haven’t a clue how many people are involved?
    Go figure.

    I think the only person this is creating fear and distress for is yourself – and quite obviously, too.
    You’ll just have to get over the fact that you backed a loser, a party that will probably never recover and the very people who caused this problem. We always reap what we sow.

      1. Hi Anna. I’m fine thanks and would be even better were it not for some of this barking mad paranoia that’s going around.

    1. Sorry. I don’t agree. This is nothing about numbers of people. We have a census for that. This is aimed at foreigners.
      The Labour party might be a loser at the moment but they have the ethos and principles I agree with. That’s why I support them. If I look at what the parties really stand for it comes down to a choice between Labour and the Greens for me.
      Obviously we don’t all reap what we sow.
      You keep blaming Labour. I think that view is bonkers. But there you go. The world recession was not caused by Labour. The seeds of that go back to the USA policies of deregulation that were put in by Reagan and adopted by Thatcher. She was the one that devastated manufacturing. Blair carried them on. Reliance on banking and insurance will be our downfall. When they head off we are left with not a lot.

      1. This programme covers everybody, not just foreigners.
        Its to determine how educational needs have to be planned.
        You can’t plan without such information.
        It makes for common sense. Its a simple and effective and presumably accurate analysis that will prove most helpful.
        If Labour was doing it you’d have no such objections.

        Employers are asked for details of numbers of, origins of, all the time. Perhaps you just weren’t aware of that.
        We’d receive such forms to fill in back in the 80’s when I was London based. We’d get them every year.
        So no big deal there.
        Every official form that you receive from your Labour controlled county council asks you the very same thing – ethnic origin etc, whereby you tick the relevant box, right?

        I do blame Labour. I blame them directly for a great number of misdemeanors.

      2. I don’t see it that way. There has never been anything as blatant as that coupled with a directive to employ British. In schools we did not have this sort of census. I think it sucks.
        I don’t follow Labour blindly as you suggest. I don’t agree with all their policies and certainly had open warfare over some of their stupidities – the bureaucracy they brought in, the stupid safeguarding, the waste of money on senseless schemes and training. I went on radio about it regularly. I’m no Labour lackey. But they were one hell of a lot better than the Tories. They fucked us up properly. The difference is stark.
        I blame Labour for a number of things – going in with Bush, following Thatcher’s policies and being too bureaucratic. But the alternative is worse.
        You support your Tory elite and I’ll press for equality and tolerance.

  3. Well it’s high time you did see it that way isn’t it?
    You obviously didn’t have them in your school directly because they went to the education authority – you didn’t fill them it, the authority people did.
    It’s been a normal practice for decades.

    Talk about paranoia? Wooooah!

    1. My paranoia about the motives behind these unpleasant new tasks is nothing compared with your paranoia about the Muslim take over of the world. What is it Sweden in 2030? Wooooooah!!!
      How long have we got?

      1. Hardly my paranoia Opher, but certainly that of Sweden and several other countries.
        I would never term a fact of life as a “paranoia” per se, but each to his own as they say.
        If you wish to make light of it, god help your grand children – you’ve just got to hope they never knew you laughed and mocked about their imminent plight.
        If things continue at the levels they are, with no serious reduction with immigration, with no changes to limitations of numbers of children per household, about another 40 years tops.

        Does it matter really? Do we care? Seems not.

      2. Oh I certainly care but there are bigger fish to fry with environmental issues and I really don’t think the 4.5% are about to usurp the 95.5% just yet.
        There are certainly a raft of policies that should be brought to bear right away and I’ve been advocating them for some time:
        Change child support and penalise large families
        Get rid of faith schools to stop this segregation
        Integrate Muslim enclaves
        Insist on English as the language
        Ban burqas from all public roles
        Eradicate the illegal schools and madrassas
        Police the mosques
        Deport the radical hate purveyors
        Lock up those who support the fanatics
        Make it illegal to indoctrinate children
        Change the benefit systems with a two year residency before getting support
        Insist on people having jobs or they can’t come
        Stop the war in Syria
        Eradicate ISIS
        Make overpopulation in the world the biggest issue and start a world-wide pressure to solve it.
        Educate our children to think

        I am quite happy to tell you my thoughts but all you do is to bleat on about woolly-minded and card carrying and hypocrite and other personal jibes, coupled with plenty of support for right-wing policies and jingoistic populists and action over this threat – but I haven’t heard what your solution is other to lock ourselves away in fortress Britain. So what are your solutions to this global problem?

  4. Well I absolutely agree with the list and actually it was introduced by Cameron last year with a 4 year residency before eligibility for benefits.
    This 4.5% figure may not be particularly accurate today – but this census thing may shed some more light on it.

    Solutions to this global problem would be extremely harmful to too many innocent people.
    If only oil wasn’t involved it would be a heck of a lot easier.

    One tactic is a spot of surreptitious foreign espionage, infiltrating the various head-honcho hate-monger Islamic leaders and eliminating them. We know who they are and where they are.

    But firstly, I’d stop all that endless supply of money pouring out from the West that mostly doesn’t meet its intended target. We must stop that. Or find another way to make sure it does get to where it’s supposed to. But as you know, many of these countries don’t permit foreign aid to have such close quarter with their general population – so there lies a major dilemma.

    We have to form some kind of international watch, where Islamic leaders are members. We have to put it to them in no uncertain terms that they’d better start cleaning up their acts. This endless supply of Islamic hate-mongering very powerful Mullahs harnessing such vitriol throughout their mosques, throughout the world has to stop. Realistically the misuse of Koran texts are being promoted by very few people, but the results are insurmountable. Their flock listens intently and believes. And we know, the poorer the area, the stronger the beliefs are held.

    Its not the actual people that are the problem – but that bloody book of theirs. It simply represents the be all and end all with all facets of their lives. Its almost impossible to break through as its ingrained into every living morsel of them. Clinically, I reckon they’re all bonkers mad, but how do you deal with 1.4 (or whatever it is today) billion mad people?

    On top of all this we have too many hard-boiled Islamic based governments – over and above the existing issues with the Mullahs. These guys are a completely different deal again, as they have military armies and serious weaponry. They seem to show zero interest in tempering down any Islamic ethos and quite the opposite by severe promotion.

    Our problem back home is we are something of a large scale rescue centre for many liberal, moderate Muslims fleeing such insidious tyranny. I think we can all understand that without any difficulty and readily accept them into our midst. We can readily see that many are damned grateful to have been given the opportunity to live here and the last thing they would wish to do would be to upset that equilibrium. We can see that many are doing their best to fit inro our ways. OK, so they have their spot of prayer per day but other than that they just get on with it.
    (I know many just like that, some were born here, some were not. Some in fact hate Islam, as is the case with my friend and neighbour, Zair from Turkey, he’s 60 and came here 40 years ago.
    A few other younger ones I know, all born here, hate the guts of these hard-core nutters, too.
    I know several that really aren’t quite sure if killing innocent westerners is that bad a thing given that it is the command of Muhammad.
    I also know several that cannot see past the teachings of the Koran and appear somewhat with a couldn’t care less attitude to westerner complaints about being targeted with a bullet or bomb.
    All they can justify their attitudes with is “USA this, USA that”. They are impossible to get through to.)
    Therefore, there seems to be a fair mixture of levels of perception here.
    Unfortunately too many of the hate-mongers creep in with them under false pretenses with their wanton agendas. We really need to be doing a better job in stopping them.
    Now my cousin who works in the “spot the wanted criminal arriving by plane” squad tells me that there are so many arrivals daily, that proper security checks are almost impossible unless someone is already on the watch list. This information takes too long to transfer from source to centralised master list. So if a guy was picked up and questioned in Brussels because he’s a known associate of some known dangerous guy, yet is released, we might not know about that, at least within an expedient time frame.
    And the simple reason for this is that Police data computers are geared towards criminal data, not as we could term it “thought crime”.
    We can see where Orwell’s “1984” falls right into place, right?
    So there’s a whole new level of policing to be arranged.

    Part of me wishes we could just shut the gate and put a sign up “Full – we have enough of you already, thank you very much.” But that’s my “lost all patience” side of me. Patience is a virtue some say, but seriously and honestly, I’m getting close to the end of mine with this.

    1. Well that is just what I mean. I agree with all of that. It was well put. Drying up the funds is absolutely crucial and would put a stop to a lot of th nonsense. Targetting the chief honchos is what they seem to be doing but they could be a lot more effective. Cut off the head and the body will die. I think that the West needs to stop dilly-dallying and put pressure on Saudi and Iran to clean up their acts. Those places are the source of most of the contagion.
      The Koran is a hateful intolerant book straight out of the Medieval Dark Ages. It needs getting rid of. But I don’t know how we do that long-term other than demonstrating a better way of life (and they are some shoddy examples around with our popular culture that are turning people to religion and not away from it) and using education to show them the stupidity of the religion.
      The annoying thing from my perspective is that things were going in the right direction until Bush and Blair blew the wheels off it.
      The key to it is Palestine and getting that sorted (and Syria of course).
      Those different levels of perception need working on. There has to be a coordinated approach, involving the mosques and imams, to get the message across to them that there isn’t a crusade going on. A Qaeda and ISIS have been very clever with their propaganda. We have to counter it and show how wrong it is.
      Border checks are crucial as is cooperation across borders to pick up the nutters and get them locked up. I think they are doing a pretty good job on it at the moment.
      Once ISIS are wiped out I think it will take the wind out of the sails and hopefully things will calm down.
      We are too crowded. 60 million is too many. We need to reduce our population. But then overpopulation is a world-wide problem. Too many idiots are have a dozen kids.
      We need some joined-up thinking and strategies to deal with Islam, overpopulation and environmental destruction.
      That is why I go for global in preference to national despite the many disadvantages. I think these things can only be tackled globally on an international basis.

      1. And how do we do that without the instant accusation of “here comes the west again out to get us” from many of their leadership brigades.
        Look what happened in Saudi recently with the execution of an apparently fairly moderate cleric. They just will not let the fundamentalism go. They want it at boiling point. We’re dealing with the most peculiar mind set.
        I go as far saying it’s “alien”, so far removed from the way we operate and even discuss matters. Every utterance from them has the rejoinder of It’s God’s Will. It’s incredible.
        And what’s worst is that they could not care less what we think as they are superior to us and from a great height too.
        They look at us with pity.
        The damnable cheek of them, but this is the case.

      2. I don’t know how we deal with such mentality. We put economic and political pressure on them I suppose. We build alternative energy so their oil money runs out and their power declines.
        They are savages. They need to discover civilisation.

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