Is There a Formula for Happiness?

There is a lot of sense in this.

Chaotic Scribbles

What does make a good life? Success? Money? Lots of Friends? Is there really a list of things that put together mathematically make a good life? What is a good life?

I came up with a list of ingredients for happiness and had to put them in order. Check out my last post for the full list. The post was meant to ask the readers for their opinion and views on happiness and about whether we could tackle some kind of formula for a happy life (please feel free to comment about that even now).When I had to think and organize a list of predefined conditions these were the ones that I felt would most be associated with happiness (note that I hadn’t just to think of my own personal life but of what would be a good life for everyone):

1- Self-Esteem

2- Good Relationships

3- Values, Principles…

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