My Surreal Sixties book – Reality Dreams – Chapter 4 – Into the mundane

After starting my hero as a sperm I followed up with an embryo and the process of birth. Then I plunge down into the mundane for a little bit of narrative.

It’s a bit like War and Peace, don’t you think?


The egg and sperm had joined. The consciousness assumed identity and grown.

Messny Krapbutt was born in the suburbs of London. He arrived, frightened and confused, into an immense world of extremes that was full of madness and speed. He left behind the tranquillity of the womb; separated from it by a wall of crushing terror. That closeness was forever replaced by a distance too great to transcend.

He grew.

In the post-war Britain, with its bombsites and open spaces, trees to climb, dens to build, and various games to play, the years of his childhood merged into one long summer’s day. He had little and wanted for nothing.

The directions he chose reflected his richly scattered tastes. He was never aimless.

He played in the quiet roads and wild fields, under blue skies and scorching sun that turned his body nut-brown so that it would not show the dirt. He lost himself in the pursuit of nature, crawling along ditches and under hedgerows, collecting anything that moved to cherish and inspect.

He played with gangs of kids, running, leaping, climbing and occasionally fighting; hunting adventure with co-conspirators as close as brothers.

In later years he came to reflect that all of his childhood was a brief memory in which the patterns of his life were set. He was loved, cherished and given freedom and scope. What more could anyone want? But that need for contact is constant. He had experienced it with the warmth of his family and nurtured it among his friends. It was as necessary a nourishment as food.

Overnight everything changed. The games of childhood were put aside. His hormones now dictated the balance of his body’s chemistry and his mind proved susceptible to the rigours of chemical interference. It was hopelessly tossed into raging seas by the traitorous messages in his bloodstream as he became the victim and no longer the master.

He began frequenting novel areas of the locality hitherto unvisited, such as the local girls’ school seeking closeness of a different variety. He enjoyed the differences of these new relationships with their gentler overtones and stomach wrenching burst of inner excitement.

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