My surreal Sixties first book – Chapter 3 – What dormant DNA lies in the genome of our dreams?


In the dark seas of many planets life develops along patterns set by the energy flow of the universe. The minds of the sentient beings direct the evolution. Nothing is other than chance. Changes are passed down and resound through the generations. Yet nothing is by chance.

The energy patterns of creatures merge with the dimensions of mind. New organisms are the result of these interactions.

There is no god – only the flux. There is nothing outside of the flux to worship or pray to. There is only the mind and the flux from whence it came. Just as matter was plucked from the realms of nothing by movement alone, directed and twinned with mind so as to be inseparable.

Yet there are many levels of existence.

The eternal paradox that man has grappled with is that reality is absolute and that man and all his knowledge is but a part. The part must become the all in oneness. There is no paradox in pure mind. For mind is part and all at the same time. It is one with the flux. The flux is what we swim in and are part of. It is all that exists.

It is not strange that life, in all its varied forms, should have the same pattern and have evolved so well together. The flux is in control. It brings harmony and pattern.

The planet is involved in delicate balance with universe to produce the environment where conditions are stable and optimum for life – not only for its creation but its evolution too. All the complexity of life radiates through the unique set of challenges.

The sun’s energy is robbed of its destructive radiation by an atmosphere produced by photosynthesis. The atmosphere is filled with oxygen. Food is produced in abundance from sunlight. Animals return carbon dioxide in a harmonious cycle.

Every plant and animal has its place in the rich, exotic food web, creating an appetising meal for both gut and eye that nourishes the mind. There is an inspired perfection of danger, interest, beauty and food – all the challenge necessary to promote the development of intelligence.

So tightly interwoven is this web that the loss of a single species resounds and echoes down energy pathways so that the whole world feels its passing. Not that the system is delicate. It is resilient in the face of change.

The culmination of this system is to produce an organism who can break free of the very system that created it by using its wisdom.

The earliest forms of life were single celled. For billions of years they remained simple before joining together into the multicellular organisms. It was from the tadpole that we came, leaving our sedentary parents in the mud.

What dormant DNA lies in wait in the genome of our dreams?

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