Featured book – A Passion for Education – The Story of a Headteacher – some reviews

I haven’t heard a single negative comment about this book.

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‘The most important book on education since Summerhill’

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In this autobiographical account of his life as Head Teacher of Beverley Grammar School, Chris takes us through many of the failings of the post-war education system to the much superior, more flexible teaching of the twenty-first century. Along the way, he enthuses about rock music, leadership vs management, and – particularly – the kids. If you can make every lesson fun, every child feel cared for, and every staff member nurtured, attendance and results will pretty much look after themselves. You can pass every Ofsted inspection with flying colours, and your school can become best in class (no pun intended).

I was at college with Chris, and it didn’t seem to me then that he…

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4 thoughts on “Featured book – A Passion for Education – The Story of a Headteacher – some reviews

  1. Opher, seriously, wouldn’t the one post on this suffice? Does it require sending out a total of 5, one after the other?
    You’re in danger of being accused of spamming people as opposed to making a blog!
    I thought you said a couple of weeks ago that you were going to approach your blog differently.
    Please tidy up the number of self-related output to a single entity and I think the majority of subscribers would agree that to be a great start.

      1. Yeah, but I know that you’re not giving that much consideration really.
        What would you have to say were it your bank or such emailing in such a manner?
        You’d be the first to say something about it.
        And you have in fact not so long ago made a post about being spammed.
        I can readily identify with that, too.
        You also subscribe to other blogger’s and I’ll bet my last penny that they’re not doing that.
        In short, it will do you no favours at all and at best highly unlikely to sell any more books and for certain some people will immediately unsubscribe once they realise what they signed up for.
        Blogs are great but your current average of around 10 a day is frankly, taking the piss.

      2. Seems popular. I do tend to put out a variety of material. The range is extensive. My no means is it all book stuff.
        I was in a big rush this morning and probably too rushed – hence careless. No time to produce new material.
        People like the variety and the subscribers continue to go up and up.
        But I’ll try to take more care in future and take on board what you are rightly pointing out.

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