Pete Smith’s Cartoons of Genius – The world we are creating in the rush for profit and growth.

P1120132 (2)

The capitalist system runs on profit and depends on growth. There are always shortcuts. Legislation is circumvented. All that matters is the bottom line.

In the process nature takes second place. The environment is trashed for quick bucks and the planet suffers.

We are all part of that unique biosphere. Our numbers are out of control. Our activities are changing the climate. Our pollution levels, habitat destruction and expansion are killing wild-life at an alarming rate. We are trashing the planet. In the course of that we will end up wiping ourselves out. We are part of that biosphere and cannot live outside it. What fools we are.

If we wish to prevent Pete’s vision of the future (from 1971) becoming a reality we have to use our intelligence and take measures to put things right. I suggest:

  1. Limiting our numbers
  2. Giving 50% of the planet to humans and 50% to undisturbed wilderness
  3. That we stop deforestation immediately
  4. That we stop the killing of wildlife
  5. That we bring in alternative non-polluting energy sources
  6. That we stop polluting the environment

All of that is possible. We just need to have the correct priorities.

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