The EU Referendum Rerun petition approaches a staggering 2 Million!! There are millions of us who want our future back!!

The level of absolute horror at the enormity of the stupidity hits home as Britain wakes up to the reality of what is about to happen. Millions of people want their future back!! They don’t want Boris, Gove and Farage’s lies, fear and hate! They want cooperation and unity and an outward looking Britain!

You can actually watch it go up by thousands in a minute!

Sign up – We want our Future back!!

22 thoughts on “The EU Referendum Rerun petition approaches a staggering 2 Million!! There are millions of us who want our future back!!

    1. There will be no second Vote, I am so appalled at the continuing vindictiveness. People who have turned on their own Leader, blamed Corbyn for it all. Utter nonsense. I trust Cheryl when either Trump or Clinton is elected we will have people here who refuse to accept your decisions in the States and call for another Vote. Stupid yes, well that’s what we have right here in this Country stupidity by those who have refused to accept a result voted for democratically.

      1. I don’t think you see why people are in such fury Anna. It is taking away the philosophy they hold dear . That is worth fighting for. There is nothing vindictive. Corbyn has to go because he failed. His performance was poor – not what he said or stood for – his lack of ability to deal with the media or connect with people. This isn’t an election. We can’t vote in a different party in five years. We’re lumbered with a right-wing government and backward looking country. Corbyn should have fought that with fire and passion.
        The petition is a demonstration of the anger – 2 million in a day. I don’t think there has ever been such a response to anything. Gove, Farage and Boris admitting that they lied. A campaign run on fear and hatred with misinformation and sloganizing.
        People are angry. Protest is what people in Britain have always done well – back before the Tolpuddle Martyrs. It’s not a game Anna. It’s not sour grapes. It’s not spitting dummies out. It is standing up for what you believe in – fighting for principles!

    2. I doubt if there will be recourse here. But the wave of fury is immense. 2 million signatures in a day. You can see the number go up by thousands in a minute. The implications of what is going to happen is sinking in – the break up of the UK , the isolation and inward looking, the economic crash, the tariffs, uncertainty, job losses. It could be horrendous.
      But then you’ve got Trump. I don’t know which is worse.

  1. Pathetic really, just accept the result, I guess it shows how ‘Remainers’ despise democracy. I held you to higher standards. Oh well. If the result had been the other way, I wouldn’t have signed a petition for a re-run.

    1. No I don’t despise democracy. I stand for principles. Some things are worth fighting for because of the principles involved.

  2. Opher, you are 67, like me, what is wrong with you. I expected so much more from you, you turn on Jeremy Corbyn a man you always defended heard of loyalty – he is not to blame for what happened, I stand by him because he is Leader of the Labour Party, I have my card do you have one? I stand by my Country what a pity you don’t. Had I voted Remain I told you time and time again I would have accepted the decision and moved on. You have to, along with all the others tell people like me I had no right to believe in democracy in this Country that my vote in your eyes and all the other sheep that it was not legal and would not be accepted. You go on and on and on and you have shown me that, well I think you know. By the way don’t pretend you had lost a message from me then put it on screen and then print your lesson to me in an effort to draw me.

    1. No Anna – I’m not a patriot or nationalist. I stand by people for higher principles than that. I think more globally. I am a member of the Labour Party though I do not go to the meetings. I don’t have time to get involved.
      Anna – I don’t lie. I don’t pretend.
      I do go on. I have a principle – If someone writes on my blog I answer it with honesty. If you write on my blog I will respond to you with passion and honesty. You might not like that.
      I always respected your right to vote how you wanted. I have never made personal comments about you or your views. But the results of this are, in my opinion, a disaster for this country and the philosophy I hold dear. I fight for what I believe.
      What that referendum stands for is not childish sour grapes – it is about an ethos that goes to the heart of what I and others believe. It is the principle of what this country stands for.
      I write what I feel. Simple as that. You might not like it. But I am not vindictive or personal. If you want to see personal and abusive read what Andrew writes.

      1. I don’t need to read what Andrew puts, his answers to you are just that. I rejoined Labour purely because of Jeremy Corbyn I did not Vote the way he supported but I would not stab him in the back either, I have more respect for him than that. You and others are telling me and everyone else who voted to Leave that we had no right, you want it overturned. You have principles, my ears are ringing you say it so often who are you trying to convince, me, I once thought so not now, goodness it has to be you that you are referring to. You remind me of people that have entered my life who believe with “Clever talk” they can talk down to me, not anymore. Your cheap shot I saw when I looked on my phone, made me feel physically sick that you were so desperate, what you needed to make a fool of me. Wow!! Opher what can I say.

      2. I did in no way say you had no right. I would love for it to be overturned because it is bad for the country and totally against what I stand for.
        What cheap shot? What are you talking about? I do not write things to make a fool of anyone. That is insulting and untrue.
        I say what I believe Anna. I explain it as clearly as I can. That is not ‘clever talk’. That is my views.

    2. Anna – please stop with these personal things about me. You accuse me of being disloyalty. Rubbish. I judge Jeremy on his performance. It was woeful. I can see that he will destroy the Labour Party because he cannot handle the media or engage with the public. I like what he stands for but he hasn’t got it as a leader. That is pragmatism not disloyalty.
      The vote has been and gone but we can still stand for what we believe in can’t we?
      I think you were wrong in the way you voted but I did not castigate you or tell you not to vote. I do not call you names for what you did. I respect the reasons you had for doing it.

  3. I’ve already posted this on the blog of another Remainer as well as on my own. My parents’ generation were lied to that the EEC was nothing more than a Common Market, when all along it was a stepping stone to a political union. Left-wing Labour MP Peter Shore warned the electorate what the agenda really was but most wouldn’t listen to him, which is why for the past 41 years we have been trapped in a European superstate:

    My politics, like those of Peter Shore, are Old Labour.

    1. I Married in 1975 and I Voted out, not only did I not want to be part of Europe but I supported the Labour Party, I believe in Old Labour and I remember Peter Shore, thank you for showing this. I Voted to Leave and in all the years I have voted I have never witnessed such vindictiveness, via Remain campaign dividing the Country. I am now being told that my belief in this being a democratic Country is wrong, that my Vote is wrong and that those who who do not like it have the right to demand it be changed, Europe will now crumble there are Countries within that were waiting for someone to stand up and be brave, and here we were the UK again leading the way. The first to go will be Holland.

      Thank you for what you said and thank you for the above. I expected better as well, I have seen the truth.

      1. Thanks. I was too young to vote in 1975. My dad was Old Labour to the core, a shop steward with the GMWU and he supported Michael Foot over James Callaghan in 1976 leadership election. I don’t know how he voted in the 1975 referendum and as he has long since passed away, I can’t ask him, but I can guess.

      2. I think you are wrong Anna. There was not vindictiveness from Remain. There was a lot of insults going both ways but the lies were from Brexit. I can list some of them:
        Turkey will be joining with 75 million Muslims (We have a veto)
        There will be a European army (We have a veto)
        It costs £350 million a week
        The money will be spent on the NHS
        We will reduce migration
        We will be better off
        We will do away with EU bureaucracy
        Brexit did a campaign of fear and xenophobia verging on racism.
        I’m a socialist. I believe in fairness, tolerance and equality. I want that right across Europe and the globe.
        I want to deal with international problems (Poverty, population, environment, human rights, workers rights, pollution and war) through cooperation and unity.
        I do not want to be ruled by fear, hatred and xenophobia.
        The outcome of this fiasco is that we have now given power to an extreme right-wing government. Is that what you wanted? Is that your old-fashioned Labour principles – to put extreme Tories in power and break up the cooperation across Europe?
        Well not mine.
        I do not like many things about the EU (Bureaucracy, gravy trains, inefficiency) but I want to help raise up our neighbour countries and I want cooperation and prosperity. I think we are better in sorting out the problems that out suffering them without a say. You know – I don’t even mind there being a European superstate as long as the laws were just and it was based on freedom and equality.

        I respect democracy and am not looking to overthrow the government.
        I respect that people had the right to vote how they did no matter how vehemently I might disagree with them. I have not made personal comments about the way people voted. I understand the reasons. I don’t agree with them. I think they were short sighted and wrong.
        But I retain the right to protest and for free speech. I do not have to shut up and allow my principles to be smashed to pieces. I stand up and shout loud!
        I do not want the UK to break up.
        I do not want Europe to break up.
        I d not want the economy damaged with the resultant poverty and job losses.
        I do not want war in Europe.
        I do not want human rights or worker rights eroded.
        I do not want more terrorist bombs in England.
        I do not want migrants blamed for all the ills in the country.
        I do not want an inward looking country.
        I do not want a right-wing government creating more inequality and smashing unions, public services and giving wealth to the rich.
        I do not believe Farage, Gove and Johnson – they are liars.
        Britain has a long, long history of protest for social justice. That is what I stand for.
        And you say I should roll over and forget my principles? No way! I fight for what I believe. I am a man of principle and integrity. I believe this will be a disaster for the ordinary people of Britain. As a socialist I oppose it. It will result in misery for many.
        As a socialist I stand up and fight for my beliefs! You want to deny me the right to protest?
        You have a platform here. Set out your views. I expected a lot better.

      3. I was a union representative for twenty years for the NUT and organised through all the difficult Thatcher years with strikes and various actions. I remain an NUT member and was the only Headteacher in my area to join the strike five years ago. I too supported Foot and Benn.
        When it comes to protest and standing up for my beliefs I do precisely that.
        Peter Shore was fine but I don’t agree with him on Europe. It has brought stability and prosperity. It has helped include people from behind the former Iron Curtain and I believe it will help raise the poorer regions into equality.

    2. I think mine are too. But I want an outward looking country that is moving towards a global perspective. I want global international issues addressed – poverty, war, environment, population etc. I do not want to be part of a xenophobic, inward looking, fearful country of isolationism. I want broader horizons and more faith in humanity and love.
      I do not like a lot of things about the EU but the alternative is much, much worse.
      The campaign run by Brexit was disingenuous and based on fear and slogans (Project Fear, etc.). Most obnoxious.
      The warning put out by Remain were met with ‘Scare Mongering’ – we’ll see if Project Fear is really Project Fact.
      I do not want to see the break-up of the union or a shrinking economy with the resultant unemployment and poverty. I do not want to see human rights or workers rights reduced. I do want to se a global perspective, cooperation and unity to make us safer from terrorism and the threat of war.
      I do not believe we can have a rerun but we can make a stand for principles that I hold dear in the face of an extreme right-wing government that we have stupidly voted in by proxy.

  4. Give over Opher, no vindictiveness on Remain side you only see and hear what you want. I don’t need further lectures from you for that is what you do when someone disagrees with you or catches you out, boring, boring boring you talk down to me. For God’s sake there must be no one else in the world who has so many principles – there is a word for this. “Set my views out”, joke what for you to patronize me. You expected a lot better from me, really trouble is I am too open far too open and you shoot me down every time. I am not going to say what I have in my heart to say, I have been far too honest, perhaps I need to do what my Sons keep on at me to do. You don’t listen it’s all you all the time, no one has a view only Opher’s views count – ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    1. Right Anna. I’m listening. What did Remain say that was a lie?
      On my blog I think I am perhaps entitled to put my own views – don’t you? That is part of the reason I set it up.
      I give anyone a platform even when they are rude, abusive and threaten me with violence.

  5. “Rude/abusive and threatened with violence” now is that me you are referring to, must be as this is addressed to me – now let me think how I have threatened you with violence, considering that all the pain I am in physically would prevent me from being violent to anyone – after all I hate violence I had enough of it growing up. As for your views no one prevents you, no one could stop you as you dominate. It is going to take me a long time to forget those words “rude/abusive and violent” thanks Opher.

    1. Once again I never said you were. If you read the exchanges with Andrew you’ll see enough rudeness, abuse and threats to last a lifetime. Extremely unpleasant. It was those I was referring to – not you. This blog is not addressed to you. It is a public blog. All posts are open to be read by anyone.

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