Future of Gun Laws

No more Wild West culture – time to start addressing this absurdity that is killing thousands of innocent people.

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With the recent shooting in Orlando, it is apparent it is time to over haul gun control. Now, I have never shot an AR-15, but I do not understand the need for an assault rifle in civilian hands. By no means am I anti gun, but something needs to be done. This is one of those issues that spans many different areas and may require the government to spend more money to help decrease the problem. Unfortunately, they will probably raise taxes or cut funding to make up the difference.

Mother Jonesand TheACLUwrote an article about “no fly list”/terror watch list = being able to buy guns. They also mention the failed legislation that was in response of the Orlando shooting. I agree that if you are on a no fly list or watch list you should not be allowed to purchase a fire arm, especially an…

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2 thoughts on “Future of Gun Laws

  1. people with gun are all small people ignorant and without enough personality to impose them self but a governament who sell guns to everyone is a murder governament i’m from europe and i never come in usa and i will never be there i prefer sand beach naked on sea well i mean usa citizen wants gun i want to stay naked at the beach in front of sea we are just a little be different ….. i think

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