Trump – Connect The Dots

This is a view from an American who is well respected and usually posts or space and astrophysics.

Gringa of the Barrio

The gringa likes to steer clear of controversial politics. However, after researching Donald Trump’s candidacy for almost 12 months now, I feel compelled to share. Although all the candidates for the US presidency have their fair share of baggage and issues, I sincerely believe Donald is the only one who threatens to cause irreparable damage to my nation as well as to other countries around the world. So, while some candidates may be troublesome, Donald is downright dangerous.

This election season is historical and a struggle for the heart of our nation. Donald’s bigotry is dangerous. Those who deny this are: A. Right wing extremists who are trained in the art of subversion and misinformation; or B. Average folk who really don’t want to destroy their country but are caught up in the celebrity of Donald and doing nothing more than believing everything he says. This post is for those…

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4 thoughts on “Trump – Connect The Dots

  1. I thought all this was common knowledge.

    I have never uttered a word about his personal background.
    Of course, interesting how easily one opinion can rile another.
    I have said that he is qualified for the job because of his experience in dealing with large details.
    If there are better candidates – where are they?

    I’m sure you had said yesterday that you thought Reagan was an ok guy. Forgetting how he had dealt with student demonstrations against the Vietnam war, when he was Governor of California.

    Why do I see double-standard hypocritical sloganeering. Republicans hate Democrats. Democrats hate Republicans.
    Get over it.

    You cannot be a sales clerk and run for President. As cozy nice as it would be it isn’t going to happen.

    Why don’t they just go right back and hang out to dry every single family that fought for the Confederates during the civil war?

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