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Book Genre Description
A passion for education – A Headteacher’s story Education A set of anecdotes and story of the life of a different Secondary School Headteacher.
In Search of Captain Beefheart Rock Music A biography of my adventures with live Rock Music from the Sixties on.
Opher’s World Tributes to Rock Geniuses Rock Music A series of tributes to the greatest acts of the fifties, sixties and seventies
537 Essential Rock Albums – Pt. 1 The first 270 Rock Music The best Rock Albums of all time – each with a short appraisal and reason
Rock Routes Rock Music The history of Rock Music from 1900 to 1980
The Times and Tales of a Sixties Freak Sixties A series of writings about the sixties
Green Science Fiction A science fiction novel with a girl with no nervous system with a backdrop of environmental catastrophe
Ebola in the Garden of Eden Science Fiction A futuristic story of a plague
Nosedive Science Fiction A sci-fi yarn
Hallucination Science Fiction A story of extra-terrestrial life
Pornographic Syndromes Science Fiction A weird futuristic story with alien sex
Starturn – Intergalactic Rock Star Science Fiction A futuristic Galactic Rock Star novel
Destination Self Science Fiction A story of interstellar planets and aliens
Opher’s Art and outpourings Art and social My art plus social comments and asides
Goofin’ with the Cosmic Freaks Sixties Novel An ‘On the Road’ for the sixties
Anthropocene Apocalypse Environment A story of my accounts of what is happening to the environment and how to put it right.
53 and imploding Experimental novel A weird one.
Antitheist’s Dictionary Religion and humour A humourous blasphemous dictionary of religious terms
The Antitheist’s Bible Anti-religion biog novel A novel that swipes at religion
The Book of Ginny A anti religion novel A novel about a new Messiah and religion
Reflections from a ditch A novel A novel about a car crash – an experimental form
Rhymes and Reason Poetry Anthology
Prose Cons and Poetry Poetry Anthology
Poems and Peons Poetry Anthology
Stanzas and Stances Poetry Anthology
Vice and Verse Poetry Anthology
Tortured A novel A nasty book of a Hydrogen bomb in New York and graphic torture
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