My beliefs – Awe and Wonder – The Big Bang.


My beliefs – Awe and Wonder – The Big Bang.


There are a number of things that simply do not make sense to me. They are hard for my mind to comprehend. That is probably not at all surprising given that the human brain is tiny and limited and the concepts we are trying to deal with are ginormous. We’ll probably never know. I find them fascinating to think about. They fill me with awe and wonder.


The Big Bang – The universe is expanding. If we extrapolate it back to a point we are back at the beginning.

I believe that this universe started with a big bang; that all matter and energy was spontaneously created out of nothing. Matter and antimatter, dark matter and energy burst into being and the universe came into existence.

I do not know how. I do not know if we are one of an infinite number of polyverses. I do not know what was before the Big Bang.

I believe science will tell us more and more but may never know. It might be beyond mankind’s understanding.

This is hard to accept.

I do not believe that this presumes the presence of a god – the creator. That is convenient but explains nothing to me. It seems a very human response and merely puts the mystery one step further away – where did god come from? Where was he living? What was there before god? Who gave him these divine powers? That seems even more simplistic and far-fetched.

I believe there is a mystery that is awe inspiring. Whatever caused it leaves me full of wonder.

30 thoughts on “My beliefs – Awe and Wonder – The Big Bang.

  1. Exactly, and therefore it’s not particularly difficult to imagine the even more confused state of mind encountered by much earlier cultures who had nothing at all to go by in terms of scientific research. They hadn’t even invented the glass lens yet. Isn’t it just about 500 years since we stopped believing the Earth was flat – yet we carry with us in our cultural society the notions of religious ethos stemming from thousands of years back. That’s completely bonkers when looked at in the cold light of day. We’ve got half a world running rampant with technology and the other half living like it’s 1415. These sorry confused poor souls must be struggling big time.

    1. Ignorance is bliss. Except it wasn’t back then was it? There was all sorts of vile practice going on.
      There are still people who believe the world is flat, is the centre of the universe and is only a few thousand years old.
      Human beings are very gullible.

  2. Creation IS awe inspiring. All the more so for me because I do believe there is a Higher Power (whatever people choose to call it). My beliefs have evolved beyond the limitations of religious, manmade dogma – to find that creation is all the more awe inspiring.

  3. Whatever the “wonder” is, is by its nature eneffible. Words are in the end things that don’t contain that which we seek to describe. So no matter the language or metaphorical construct it never will actually touch or contain the “It.” Thoughts are not the It. Words are not the It. Theroetical models can sometimes be helpful fictions whether they be scientific or about deities or political oughts and ought nots. In the end we stand mute before the mystery of existence. From that quite still place erupts the wonder, the hallelujah of our soul. This unites me with you my friend in love. . . That is all. I do not take offence that sometimes we use different symbols to describe our living. I am glad that you are a part of me and I you. Blessings or “Live long and prosper.” From me to you they mean exactly the same. Your friend. . . Plato

      1. You be You and I will be Me and the universe will rejoice at what It’s done. 🙂

  4. Our world and our universe is the source of great awe and wonder. Thankfully, I don’t need to know the answers to all of these questions to revere and enjoy what we have and who we are. Thanks for this food for thought, Opher.

  5. In his book ‘How the Mind Works ‘ Steven Pinker speculates towards the end about the capabilities of the human mind and reasons as follows:
    The human brain was developed by natural selection and it’s purpose was to enable us to survive , it was not developed to unfold the secrets of the universe so could well be very limited.
    Interestingly poor old Wallace the co discoverer of natural selection alongside of Darwin was unable to bring himself to believe such a marvelous thing as the human brain could have developed without divine intervention. Pinker takes up the challenge of what is called Wallace’s Paradox but personally I think he struggles to get round it.
    Why?said Wallace if cave man has a mind equal to the modern mind did selection develope what he did not need. Poor Wallace ended up a spiritualist like many great mind’s such as Connon Doyle .

  6. Hey Opher,

    You posts are enjoyably thought-provoking and brimming with both fascinated enquiry and faithful acceptance. I find much to consider in your words and those shared in comments by others.

    I have one question: you write: ‘ Matter and antimatter, dark matter and energy burst into being and the universe came into existence.’ I ask, did consciousness exist before the universe burst into being or was it born with it concurrently?

    Thanks Opher. Another fascinating read.

    Namaste 🙂


    1. Dewin – there is the big question. What is consciousness? Is it a product of our neuronal network or something more spiritual?
      Life is a series of mysteries, wonder and awe. The fun is appreciating them, thinking about them, being filled with wonder and trying to understand them.
      I, unfortunately do not have the answer – but thank you for posing the question.

      1. Hey Opher,

        I’m chatting away out loud with you my friend and speaking rhetorically, my curiosity and interest in your thoughts had me ask the question 🙂

        I wonder if you are drawn to reading about ‘near death experiences?’ It is another fascinating and endless area of enquiry shedding light on the nature of consciousness.

        I agree, Life really is shock and awe and far better as a consequence for it I think.

        Enjoy your weekend.

        Namaste 🙂


      2. Dewin – I was fascinated with near-death experiences and the scientific explanations. Consciousness is certainly a weird thing. I love life’s mysteries!
        All the best to you too – and have a great weekend – Opher

  7. I have begun to find evolution awe inspiring. I just can’t quite get my head around this amazing process that causes so much diversity. It’s that sense of awe in something so big and beyond our comprehension. Wishing you well. We are back in Spain again and Trevor wonders whether you’ve been to a Quaker meeting yet! Not sure about the awe but T has found some inspiration and acceptance there with his Non Theist stance!

    1. Hi Georgina, So many things that just blow your head apart with wonder. I love it. It makes me dizzy thinking about it.
      No. I must confess my Quaker meetings have come to an abrupt end. My Quaker friends have been struck down with tragedy. My friend’s wife has been struck down with a very rapid dementia. She is already bedridden and incapable of doing anything. Such a shame.

      1. Sounds very sad and difficult for them. I wonder where the wonder goes but just looking at the moon and stars at the moment and it is so awe inspiring. Take care and long may we all wander with wonder!

      2. That sky is always awesome. Living in town I don’t get to see it enough these days. I’m still wandering with wonder though Georgina.

  8. the big question, where we came from, what is our purpose, and not what we spend our life doing, collecting things that we will all have to dispense with when the time comes. In the Spirit of truth, Jesus said it simply, God is in all of us, we just have to make room, get rid of the bias that creates hatred, it’s that simple. amen

    1. BW – there are many big questions. I’m not sure there is any purpose other than what we give ourselves. My view is that we live life to the full and try our hardest to make the world a better place, to love, create, question, marvel and bask in the splendour of nature. Hatred is something that eats people up.

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