Poetry – Your Love – a poem about love with teeth!

Love makes you daft. It brings out the silliness. It gambols and prances in a world of its own. Love is lost in ecstasy and delight. Love is discovery. Love is insulating into a bubble that cuts you off from everything else.

Love usually changes and comes back to bite you.



Your love follows me home and pounces upon me in my sleep

It’s so full of excitement it’s nose quivers

It has big soft eyes a cold wet snout

It chews my slippers

And has never apologised once.


Your love has a tail that wags so hard that it’s eyes jiggle in its head

It constantly demands attention

And licks my face as if it were an ice-cream cone.


I’d put it on a lead and train it

But it’s too young and boisterous to restrain

So it follows me around all day

Panting on my breakfast and drooling in my soup


It has a cuddly fluffy coat and ridiculous floppy ears.

We gambol in the park.

I throw sticks to it

And it bounds and lollops delightedly

Unexpectedly jumping up to clumsily crush my most sensitive areas


Your love is like a puppy dog

Lapping up my tea

I am waiting for it to use its fangs on me


Opher 15.7.96